Jar Of Concentration


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Jar of Concentration

There was one particular time, as a school boy, when we boys did not chat much at all… When we went to the snooker centre together and played snooker.

Yes indeed, we would be chatty and catch up, order drinks, set the balls on the table… and then communication stopped. We all just concentrated on our game at hand. We studied the table, the balls, the colours. We tutted if someone on a neighbouring table was too loud.

The snooker centre in the town where I grew up was amazing. Lots and lots of tables as far as the eye could see. Smokey halls, little booths where you flicked on a light for someone to come and take your drinks orders. Wall mounted score keepers… aaahhh, the memories of it.

We all had our own cues, brought our own chalk for the cues and we were fiercely competitive with each other. Once the game was over, we would go into the bar and talk and talk and share some laughs and have fun and meet with other players, often old men that had been playing for years that loved our enthusiasm for the game, we would have lots of banter and we’d all communicate again. It is a strange thing to think about.

So is snooker a deeply hypnotic game? I know that it can keep a group of 16-18 year olds in a trance.

During recent years, the city of Sheffield here in England has been hosting the World Snooker Championships.

Have you ever seen a more hypnotic sport? I know that some people would argue that it just sends them to sleep, though it is extremely hypnotic and at times I have found it to be extremely relaxing and exciting and I am amazed at what those professional players can do with the balls.

Snooker players sum up a lot about what I think you need in life to be successful — they have to practice and practice and practice to get to those levels, they have to be focused on what they want to the exclusion of all else at times, they have to learn from their mistakes and learn from each other. I know you can get metaphors to the same effect from most sports, it is just that in recent years I have been inspired by these guy’s mental stamina…

Towards the end of the tournament, they play matches that last many hours with up to 30–36 frames being played in a game.

Wow. To maintain that level of mental endurance and concentration for such intense, pressurised lengthy periods of time is just incredible.

I get asked very frequently about how we can increase our powers of focus and concentration and so I thought I would put together this simple and powerful hypnosis session for you to help you do just that.

This hypnosis session is here to help you keep focused for longer periods of time.

Go for it.


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