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Learning To Eat Artfully – And Eat Much Less!

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Learning To Eat Artfully – And Eat Much Less!

I can recall attending a wine tasting event given by the Berry Brothers wine company in Basingstoke when I was a lot younger than I am today. What a brilliant event. As with many wine tastings, you pay for a ticket, then get to sample lots of wines with a view to purchasing them. I did it wrong. I ignored the big bins of sawdust to spit my wine out aftertasting and continued to swill down copious amounts of my favourites that were on offer.

Headache ensued the next day.

Since those younger days I have developed a penchant for many wines and even studied wine a little bit, though don’t really claim to be any kind of an expert, I still know how to taste my wine, note its character, aroma and depth. (Those who know me know I love deep luxurious full-bodied reds like Rioja, Barrolo and Chateauxneuf Du Paps and also very dry and crisp white wines such as Chablis and Sancerre)

If you have ever had a conversation with a proper wine expert or a sommelier, you’ll know that these guys have so much knowledge and expertise about wines and whenever I watch them drink and taste their wines, it is a joy to watch – they seem to be able to extract the most amount of taste, pleasure and joy out of the tiniest amount of wine; they raise the glass and look upon the wine, they raise it to their nose and breathe its aroma in deeply, then look at how it rolls down the inside of the glass. They assess it and then take a (sometimes noisy) sip along with plenty of air in the mouth and they roll it around the mouth to engage as many of the taste buds as possible. It is then spat out and the taste endures and lingers and they get other flavours and characters coming to the mouth before they cleanse the pallet with water.

All the senses get engaged and it is clearly a pleasurable and discerning way to enjoy the drink that I tend to quaff instead of enjoying as much as I should from time to time.

This artful way of tasting wine is something used by many hypnotherapists to illustrate how those wishing to reduce their weight can derive huge amounts of pleasure and satisfaction from eating much smaller amounts of food.

Major contributor to the field of hypnotherapy Theodore Barber is the earliest documented user of this approach that I canfind, using this approach in the 60s, though it has been picked up and used by many hypnosis professionals and authors over the years. William S Kroger who I have quoted many times before on my blog promoted the use of the notion of “eat like a gourmet” back in the 70s and more recently Herbert Mann used the idea of “eating as an art” as he referred to wine tasters and coffee tasters in his approach that features in a number of books including the famed Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors.

The hypnosis session that I am offering up here takes this notion and makes it available to anyone. With this hypnosis session, we are going to mentally rehearse the idea of eating as an art form, then allow it to happen in real-life. You’ll find yourself being able to eat much less and be more satisfied as a result of it. You’ll enjoy the smaller amounts of food you do consume much more!

You are going to become a gourmet eater – you never again have to try and avoid food, or feel like you are depriving yourself! You just learn how to eat artfully and like a gourmet and get it lodged into your mind with this powerful hypnosis session. Enjoy this!