Let Go Of Emotional Pain


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Let Go Of Emotional Pain

This hypnosis audio track is more of a coping skill developer. It is used and applied in a similar fashion to learning relaxation skills and breathing techniques to deal with the symptoms of anxiety, worry or fear, for example.

When we experience loss or grief, or have been emotionally troubled in some way, then it can be of great, great value to be able to dissipate the symptoms in order that we can have space to deal with anything the symptoms may obscure.

I know that when I have discussed the physical symptoms of grief, or separation or jealousy, for example, with my clients, they often describe it as a tightening of the chest or a knot in the stomach and this hypnosis audio track is going to help with such.

We are going to deal with the heart in this session. Metaphorically speaking of course.  If you have ever or are currently experiencing emotional pain, then this hypnosis audio track gives you a way to practice and apply in alleviating the discomfort associated with that. It helps you to deal with and to let go of the symptoms of emotional pain of any kind.


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