Let Go Of Stress: Enjoying Rock Throwing


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Let Go Of Stress: Enjoying Rock Throwing

Have you ever noticed how humans like to throw stuff?

I am a big fan of skimming stones across the sea front where I live, but I also love chucking rocks and stones and making splashes. Have you ever dropped stuff (safely of course) from cliffs and down wells and found a sense of enjoyment to be had from it?

There are also sports and events that involve us throwing things around and heck, why not gain some therapeutic benefit from throwing and chucking stuff too, eh?

Have you ever heard anyone use the expression “chucking his toys out of the pram” when it comes to talking about someone being childishly angry or frustrated? Before we get to express ourselves in a range of other more sophisticated ways as adults, we throw and chuck and drop, don’t we?

With this hypnosis session, I am offering up a technique to use the process of letting go that combines hypnosis, with mental imagery and also a metaphoric process of letting go. It is incredibly beneficial for overcoming and letting go of stress and tension and helps you take control of your mind and body.

This hypnosis track equips you to let go of stress that you no longer want or need and to let go of anything that is unhealthy to hold on to. This might include stress, tension, worry – anything that is starting to interfere with your enjoyment of life.

If you have any stress, tension, frustration or worry that you’d like to let go of, then use this hypnosis track to help you do it. You are going to be amazed at how effective this is when you engage with it!


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