Let Go Of Unwanted Habits With Sensitivity


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Let Go Of Unwanted Habits With Sensitivity

This hypnosis audio session is a full-on means of dealing with unwanted habits, as it includes the often-maligned notion of aversion…

Imagine if every time you were about to do your old habit, an alarm went off in your head to stop you doing it, cool eh? What about if you were about to automatically do your habit and before it happened you just got a bodily sensation that moved you in another direction? Then you got so good at this happening, that the habit stopped happening altogether…

This is what this session does!

We install a sensitizing response to the old habit.

“What on earth is Adam talking about? Sounds a bit like gobble-dee-gook…” So that is some title for this hypnosis audio session, eh?
Let me explain my jargonized theme for this hypnosis track … When I was 17 years old, I was incredibly naughty and used to go to a local bar on the outskirts of Basingstoke, where my friends and I used to play pool, act like grown-ups and drink beer! *gasp of disapproval*

Beer was a new thing to me at that stage and I remember thinking to myself as we stood around glugging pints of it “why do we drink this stuff, it tastes horrible” but of course I’d never say so publicly.

On one particular occasion, I had drunk a few pints and at the end of the night just as they rang for last orders, someone suggested we have a ‘pernod and black’ (the black referred to blackcurrant) as our ‘one for the road.’ I drank my down at the same time as eating a bag of dry roasted peanuts and we started the walk home.

As soon as I stepped out into the cold, the excess alcohol hit me. My head was spinning and however much I tried to stop it, I couldn’t.

Whilst in a neighbouring park, I threw up. I threw up a lot. It was awful. My eyeballs felt as if they were popping out of my head, my stomach and chest felt as if they were on fire, and my head still did not stop spinning. I threw up when I got home, I threw up some more in the morning and had a terrible time of it. I got severely reprimanded by my parents and the only thing that my mind seemed to cling on to… Was the taste and absolute disgusting idea of pernod and black.

Of course, rationally, I know I Was ill because of drinking too much before then. But I could only taste and think of pernod and black… To this day I have never drunk it again. It makes me shudder even now to think of it.

Maybe you had a similar experience when you were forced to eat brussel sprouts with your dinner as a child and as a result still detest them today (I love brussel sprouts by the way) or had a tummy bug and the thing you ate prior to it got associated with being ill… I knew a man who could not use a particular brand of deodorant because he associated the smell with a terrible flu bug he got!

In many hypnotherapy consulting rooms today, when clients seek assistance with stopping smoking, sometimes to stop them smoking in the initial stages, the hypnotherapist conducts an ‘aversion’ session that associates cigarettes with all the things that client dislikes or is disgusted by the most… So that they are repulsed each time they put a cigarette anywhere near their mouth. This helps control the behaviour in the early stages while the habit gets worked on at a deeper level.

Aversion can work in a number of ways, we have all experienced it when we have had unwanted or unpleasant experiences that we are reminded of at particular times.

In this hypnosis audio track, we are going to use the notion of aversion for our own gain to help overcome habits. We are going to use a stimulus that makes us cringe, a stimulus that we have a high level of sensitivity towards and use that stimulus to help us let go of unwanted habits.

That is what I mean when I use the term aversive sensitivity… Enjoy this audio track, it is going to ensure you truly let go of that old, unwanted habit for good!


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