Let Go Of Worry With Detached Mindfulness


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Combine Hypnosis and ‘Detached Mindfulness’ to Help with Worrying Too Much

In this audio track, hypnosis is combined with ‘detached mindfulness’ to create a fabulous session.

This detached mindfulness is based upon the work of Wells (2009) and is related to other mindfulness and acceptance processes I have written about on my blog and within my books.

Worry, is something most people experience at some point in their life. For some, worrying is a regular occurrence. I have not been without worry myself in life and am sure you have had times where worry may even have dominated your life for a while.

Dealing with worry effectively is a key part of becoming resilient and building resilience in turn is going to enhance your ongoing experience of life and help you be more effective with dealing with worry in the future. Today, I want to offer up a number of interlinked strategies for coping with worry and learning how to apply ‘detached mindfulness’ to facets of our life that cause us to worry to the stage whereby it impairs our experience of life.

Try this Experiment to Demonstrate the Effects of this Hypnosis Track

Here is an experiment for you to have a go at first of all, to illustrate what is coming up in this hypnosis track. I am telling you how I did this in my class, however, I have read a great version of this which Robertson (2012) refers to as the ‘Tiger Task.’

Firstly then, you imagine your favourite animal in your mind with your eyes closed.

Next, you simply watch it and observe the animal in your mind and let it play out before you. You do not interfere with it, you simply watch it. You do not try to change it in any way or stop it from changing, just watch it happening in your mind.

What tends to commonly happen is that as you watch mental imagery, without interfering with it, it dissipates or fades away after a while. You just watch the animal doing whatever it does, without interfering with it in anyway and let it wither after a while.

When I was being led through this exercise at my class, I imagined a dog, a border collie to be precise (I was raised with border collies as part of my family) and as I watched it play, duck down and walk, just letting it happen, it faded after a while.

However, if you make an effort to get rid of it from your mind, it may be challenging. The classic notion of saying to someone “don’t think of a pink elephant” echoes a bit here. By attempting not to think of the animal, you are automatically thinking of it and it has a symbolic presence in your thoughts inherently.

Additionally, if this was not an animal but an unwanted thought that was causing you to worry, by trying to get rid of it and not succeeding, you may become more filled with worry or get more anxious about it, which in turn may make it more difficult to let go of it. Instead, you may have just constructed a brilliant strategy for persisting with the unwanted thought loitering around in the mind.

Learn how to Practice Detached Mindfulness

The process in this audio track is about learning how to practice the same detached mindfulness that you did with your favourite animal with worries if and when they occur.

This audio track equips you for real-life scenarios and I think you are going to love it.


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