Lifting The Fog And Lifting Your Mood


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Lifting The Fog And Lifting Your Mood

When I think of foggy city environments, I tend to think of the gas-light era which is the scene of many a chilling crime story. Without wanting to get embroiled in terrifying street scenes, I want to mention and talk about fog and clouds (though not of the pink fluffy variety, as you’d expect with me) as I build upon the idea of using hypnosis for altering and advancing moods.

Sometimes in life, it can seem like there is a fog and we can feel thick headed if we experience depression or even just have a depressed episode of some kind in our life.

Our senses can become numbed and the world can become dark, gloomy and unpleasant. Which is what the gas-light era streets were like. Ideally, we’d like to contrast that with uplifting, happy environments that are not as scary and which seem colourful and pleasant to be in and around.

That is what this hypnosis session is all about. If you have ever felt muffled, numb and like you have a foggy head and require some clarity, then this hypnosis session is just what you are after.

Even if you are not having a depressive episode, this is a lovely process to have a go at and we could all do with this kind of perspective, intention and having a fog lifted every once in a while. This session leaves you seeing the world in bright colours and much detail, it leaves you feeling joy with your own existence and helps you feel renewed of spirit. You’ll love it.


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