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Make Better Choices

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Making Good Choices

When I put this audio track together, I had just prepared for my office move to new premises. Choosing to move office was a big decision for me for a variety of reasons, but it is now a choice I am very happy with. That is what this hypnosis audio track is all about… Making good choices.

A short while ago, a friend and I had a moderately drunken, yet still quite profound discussion in the pub…

We were propping up the bar and agonising over which crisps or snacks we would have to accompany our pints. I wanted Twiglets or dry roasted peanuts, but we could not settle on a flavour of crisp that would go nicely with them… It was high-brow stuff, I am sure you can imagine.

However, in the midst of our agonising, we realised how absolutely lucky we were to have a choice of which crisps we consumed… Especially when there were so many people in this world who’d just love anything to eat at all.

We became humbled, made our decision and scoffed our faces in a ridiculous attempt to sober up before closing time.

We are all confronted with choices all the time… I encounter many people in my personal and professional life that make poor choices, or make easy, unrewarding choices that lead to equally unrewarding lives…

Reflect on the Choices That You Have Made

This hypnosis audio track is all about the choices we make, in the first instance the process is more reflective and seems to have little to do with making better choices… But then, an inherent bi-product of the process here is that you start to make better choices.

You know what? I’ve made some incredibly poor choices in my time.

– You should see a couple of the unworn, hideous looking expensive shirts in my wardrobe.

– As a young naïve man, I once followed a horse betting syndicate that assured me of making thousands of pounds. I lost money.

– My friend convinced me that starting an impromptu party on the school roof instead of the local facilities to celebrate leaving school was a great idea. So I chose to do that.

Yes, I am sure you have many such stories of your own of choices you made that in hindsight were ridiculous, silly, ill-conceived and maybe even irrational. So I chose to do something about this trend in my life a very long time ago, and these days I tend to make better choices, just maybe not those ones about the shirts I buy in designer stores!

Within my therapeutic work, I use Problem Solving Therapy, and in life in general I have championed critical thinking skills, all of which I think help with decision making and better choice election… I certainly do not simply rely on intuition, gut feeling and the all-knowing, all seeing ‘unconscious mind’ to make my decisions.

Harness the Power of Making Choices

With this hypnosis audio track, the aim is also to enhance general life motivation by harnessing the power of those moments when you made choices. You know what I am referring to here, don’t you? Those moments that occur each day when you make a choice, or a commitment of some kind.

A defining characteristic of a choice moment is that it, symbolically or literally, makes it difficult to turn back.

For example, when you sign a contract, openly speak your marriage vows, or shake hands with someone making a bet with them, you have passed a moment of choice. You have chosen and committed. What often happens is that we then stick to our decisions, remain consistent to choices made and they do become difficult to alter. We often even dig our heels in and defend the choice we have made, however poor it may have been and in the face of evidence showing it to have been a poor decision.

So this hypnosis audio track guides you through a process that aims to help you identify and use the many smaller moments of choice that, collectively, have a real big impact upon our lives. It does a lot of other things too.

Enjoy this audio track as you develop an internal culture of good decision making and healthy choice development.