Masturbation (audio)

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How masturbation can sensationalise your sex life

Enjoy solo sex to the fullest

Four advantages of masturbation for couples sex

How to overcome resistance to masturbation

On this audio recording you’ll hear Dr. Janet Hall’s expert advice for men and women on experiencing sensational sex with specific emphasis on masturbation.

It’s a great recording for everyone of us to listen to, regardless of our level of sexual experience.

Both sexual beginners and the sexually advanced will benefit from reviewing the benefits of masturbation and overcoming the restrictive judgements that society makes on the fine art of masturbating.

You’ll also find a step by step description of two types of masturbation:

Firstly, there’s descriptions of solo masturbation for men and for women, and secondly, there’s a description of what Jan calls ‘Show and Tell Masturbation‘ – this is where partners agree to demonstrate how they best enjoy masturbation in order to teach their partner the best way to arouse and stimulate them by the power of touch.

Jan advises that there are two other levels of masturbation: ‘Giver’ to ‘Receiver,’ where one partner lays back and receives touch, and mutual or simultaneous masturbation, where both partners give and receive touch to their genitals at the same time.

“From the source of fear and guilt that prevents some people from enjoying self-stimulation to the many pleasurable techniques at hand, Dr. Jan presents masturbation as positive and healthy way to enjoy oneself.”
– Nicholas Tana, Writer, Director of Sticky: a documentary on masturbation.

If you are keen to explore these other two levels, you will enjoy and profit from listening to Jan’s audio recording in the Sensational Sex Series entitled, Sharing Ultimate Orgasms.

To enhance your self-stimulation program you would also be likely to enjoy listening to Jan’s recordings on Seductive Fantasies in this series.


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