Maximise Your Gym Gains – Hypnosis For Post-Gym Workout

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Maximise Your Gym Gains – Hypnosis For Post-Gym Workout

At the time of putting this audio track together, I have added weight lifting to my fitness regime and I have been loving it. There has been a whole new set of language to update my personal lexicon with and so my aim of becoming properly ‘hench’ is well underway and each week I revel in my ‘gains.’ This hypnosis track is all about maximising those gains made during your workout, regardless of the nature of the exercise you did.
With my running, I used hypnosis to advance and enhance recovery and have written about that aplenty in my books and we have plenty of audio sessions for helping with endurance and running. In recent times, I have been examining ways to use hypnosis to maximise the gains I make in the gym workout and how to aid a very different type of recovery.
Typically, many gym goers will drink protein shakes or take supplements to help their body get fitter, stronger and recover, and I became interested in ways my mind could help. I started to examine the evidence and research with regards to applying hypnosis.
There are many evidence based principles that support most of what is involved with the process in this hypnosis track. Hypnosis has been shown to alter body temperature (Dikel & Olness, 1980), advance immune functioning (Barabasz et al., 1996; Gruzelier et al., 2001; Ruzyla-Smith et al., 1995), relieve pain (Jensen et al., 2009 & 2011; Lang et al., 1996 & 2000; Tan et al., 2014), speed up healing (Kline, 1953; Frankel & Misch, 1973), oxygenate the blood and mobilise blood flow (Raskin et al., 1999; Swirsky-Sachetti & Margolis, 1986); all of which can contribute (at least potentially) to the advancement of recovery and muscle growth following weight training or any rigorous exercise.
You can simply adjust this particular process here and make it pertinent to whatever exercise you do, in particular weight lifting and gym based exercise though.  If you want to really maximize the gains you make when you exercise, you are going to love this hypnosis session.


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