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Memory Enhancement

Two hypnosis sessions are included in this Memory Hypnosis Download:-  Penetrate Your Brain With The Enhanced Memory Light  |  Creating Your Own Memory Bank

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


Two hypnosis sessions are included in this Memory Hypnosis Download:-

Penetrate Your Brain With The Enhanced Memory Light

This hypnosis audio session is all about memory enhancement. This session is a gentle process and a rather ambiguous one; which you interpret in the way that suits you best. The technique is incredibly simple and allows your mind to create change in your own perception of yourself and enhances your own belief in your memory.

Within my own consulting rooms, my clients have benefited greatly from this type of session for advancing memory. I have also had a lot of anecdotal and subjective reports of the success with this technique in advancing our memory and recall.

This session’s real strategy centres around enhancing belief and sensation that the brain is developing its memory, which in turn affects your behaviour, thoughts and attitude. When you believe in your memory, it is very likely it’ll work more effectively.

This session is also designed to deliver tangible sensations to your head and brain, so you literally feel as if things are changing as you listen.

Enjoy this brain boosting session.

Creating Your Own Memory Bank

I put this hypnosis audio track together after spending the previous 9 days running my Intensive Hypnotherapy Diploma.

The training course was wonderful and we had a fabulous set of students who I am certain of doing truly great things in this field of hypnotherapy…. And you know what, I was able to call them all by name by 9am when we started the training…

“Is Adam bragging in some way here?”

Nope, just stating something that I consider to be important. I remembered each persons name straight away, and not because they were wearing name badges!

One of the things I insist upon during the early days of the course is name badges. Everyone gets a name badge so that even if they have introduced themselves time and again to another student, there are no awkward moments of people grappling for names and making embarrassed guesses when practicing hypnosis skills.

It is courteous to remember names, it is good manners and it shows that they were important enough for you to remember who they were.

I get asked a great deal during trainings, how it is that I seem to be able to recall so much literature and sources when teaching. I think firstly, having been in this field for as long as I have (I have not really done much else in my lifetime professionally), I ought to know references and sources related to what I am talking about, but secondly is the classic key ingredient is attention and awareness… And it is that same attention that ensures I remember names right away.

In order to remember anything, you have to pay attention to it. Many people think repetition is key to memory and it certainly helps, but however many times something is repeated, it needs your attention for it to make its way into your memory banks.

If you want to remember someone’s name when you first meet them, you think of the name, picture it when you meet them and are told it, you look at the person in detail and really associate them with the name, then want to remember the name – concentrate your mind, think, look, listen, feel, associate and you’ll then remember.

On a course, there are often so many other names to remember, so many sounds in class, many competing feelings and sensations and so much going on in the head (new material to learn, nerves, thoughts, internal dialogue) that can all be a distraction to paying really good attention and concentrating.

It is like if my wife tells me about something while I am watching the television. If my mind is engaged on the telly, it is unlikely that I’ll take on board the full message being spoken to me. So I’ll pause the telly, and go and engage fully to make sure I remember… Or I get in trouble 😉

So in this hypnosis audio track, I am going to show you how to combine hypnosis, mental imagery and some brilliant cognitive strategy to enhance memory.

With this hypnosis track, you are going to create an attention grabbing memory bank of the mind.