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Mind Virus Clearout

This hypnosis session is here for you to protect yourself from negativity, unwanted thoughts, limiting beliefs and any other mind viruses that may have worked their way into your life. This session also installs a deep-rooted sense of positivity and an enhanced sense of well-being.

[Adam: I use this regularly and its effects are amazing!]

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Mind Virus Clearout

Be free of anything disempowering you!

Near to where I live there are one or two ‘retirement homes’ — that is, facilities and homes near the seaside that cater for the needs of the elderly.

Recently, I got talking to a couple of wily characters that were sat outside the front of a retirement home that they reside in, they were enjoying the spring sunshine. As I walked past following my run, they said openly to me that they thought it was great to see me running past each day. They were both smiling and saying that it made them feel healthy. A conversation naturally ensued.

One thing they mentioned (among the many topics covered in our brief chat) and both got animated about was the rise in crime in the UK. They said they were never going to London again following the recent spate of much publicised murders among the young community of London. I do not read a daily paper or watch the news, the way I figure, the important stuff finds its way to you anyway. However, even I have spotted the coverage that these teenage murders have received.

A number of years ago I read the brilliant best-selling book by Richard Brodie, called ‘Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme’. I thought I would offer an updated version of one way he illustrated a mind virus.

According to official Metropolitan Police crime statistics, 17 murders were recorded throughout London and all its boroughs in January this year. The average is around 20. These are terrible and sad occurrences.

According to the 2001 census here in the UK, London has approximately 7,172,036 people living in it and its boroughs.

Therefore, 0.00023% of the population were murdered in January. I agree that is too many. That is not my point here today.

If 500 people lived happily on an island, getting on with their lives, and one of them was killed by a shark every 30 years whilst fishing, that is still less than the 1 in 421,884 chance of them being murdered in London. Of course, our islanders are upset by this occurrence, however, it is rare and isolated occurrence and does not affect their way of life except to be more careful when fishing.

Now, if there were 14,344 of these islands that were then subsequently hooked up with Island TV. The Island TV news has to make their show worth tuning into and newsworthy — so they show these deaths occurring across the thousands of islands — suddenly, the island people believe there is an epidemic of shark murder occurring — some stay in their homes, some stay away from the water, some take the law into their own hands and buy new harpoons — they are infected with a mind virus. The virus is particularly effective because it has an element of danger and appeals to peoples survival instincts.

A meme is a thought, belief or attitude in your mind that can spread from other people’s minds. Many evolution theorists believe in the theory of the survival of the fittest and this is often believed to be true about memes — that the strongest and most powerful survive. Thought processes that we pay particular attention to are those related to food, danger and sex, as per our evolution through prehistoric times.

Anyway, memes often enter our minds without our permission, they become part of our mental programming and influence our lives without us even knowing, and I speak about this a great deal in my work.

Now, just about every week I spread a mind virus, a meme, or two with my own ezine — things like: You can achieve your dreams, your mind is amazingly powerful, and many more besides.

What mind viruses catch on in your experience of life? Do you switch the radio on first thing in the morning and have that programme you for the day ahead? Is your sense of humour manufactured by radio or TV personalities? Do you allow gossip with friends to influence what you think and how you think it?

Do you allow media news coverage to stop you going into London ever again like those two lovely old ladies I stopped to speak to?

If you are going to watch the news, be subjected to advertising messages, have in depth discussions with people, then I recommend that firstly you begin to choose what you allow ‘on board’ in your mind, and protect yourself from being influenced by mind viruses that can enhance negativity or have you sat in front of the TV in fear. 

Maybe you’ve been infected with one of those ‘get rich quick’ mind viruses that plague the internet, or that you can lose pounds of weight with one miracle pill. These are exaggerated ideas I am using to make my point.

It is worthwhile thinking about how you can regularly disinfect your mind from the viruses that it takes on board on a regular basis — we are barraged by varying influences all the time. This hypnosis session can be used to just clear out any negativity if you prefer to use it that way too. 

Mainly though, this session is here for you to protect yourself from negativity, unwanted thoughts, limiting beliefs and any other mind viruses that may have worked their way into your life. This session also installs a deep routed sense of positivity and enhanced sense of well-being. I use this regularly and its effects are amazing!