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Open Your Heart

A self-hypnosis session, a simple one for you to use to help to open your heart to life, love and all those other things that from time to time we tend to close ourselves off from. So that you are open to receiving so much more than the world and life have to offer you.

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Open Your Heart

Let love in and be healed!

In the summer of 2007, here in England, in certain parts of the country it seemed to rain non-stop for years and years. We had terrible flooding occurring all over the country. Homes were being destroyed and sadly some lives were even lost. It started to seem that every year, just in time for the Glastonbury festival and the start of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the heavens open and the downpour begins.

Let me tell you where there was a lot of sunshine though…

I spent a few days in Brussels at the beginning of that summer. The capital of Belgium is fascinating. We stayed in the very plush 5-star Royal Windsor Hotel, which is a few hundred meters from the stunning ‘Grand Place’ — the medieval central square of Brussels with some simply breathtaking architecture, cobbled streets and as much beer, frites and moules that your stomach can cope with. Yummy! (‘Frites’ are chips in the UK, French fries in other places and of course moules are mussels for those whose French language skills are not that good).

What’s more, I got to see most of it hand-in-hand with the most beautiful lady in the world and it made for a joyous time. I truly felt a love for life.

One evening, as we sat contentedly opposite a flaming fireplace in a traditional pub overlooking the lights of the Grand Place, the crowds gathered there taking pictures and meeting up for the evening, and it made me reflect upon my own journey and arrival at this moment. You see, for those of you that are not regular readers of my ezine, I have not always been open to experiencing this kind of love for life. At many stages in my earlier life, I felt like I had closed my heart to all the joy, happiness and love that life had to offer.

In my work I encounter a great many people who have closed themselves off from the world — sometimes for protection, sometimes because of indifference and lack of stimulation, sometimes through disillusionment and a wide range of other reasons. Opening our hearts to love and life does not only have to be as a result of our external environment changing; we can open it ourselves and then let the good things happen. Cause and effect!

So here now, I offer you a hypnosis session, a simple one for you to use to help to open your heart to life, love and all those other things that from time to time we tend to close ourselves off from. So that you are open to receiving so much more that the world and life has to offer you.

This hypnosis session is a simple and powerful process that I often have used personally — in it you are guided into a deeper awareness of your own heart. Using a range of different applications throughout this hypnosis session, the aim is to increase awareness and energy in the heart. The idea is that this increased energy makes us feel secure and safe within ourselves and not needing to close off, hide or protect our heart from life in any way.

Often, when we open or re-open our hearts, we may sometimes (though not always — please don’t expect this) have the experience of releasing held-in emotion. If you have ever been to a massage therapist when you are very stressed or emotionally charged, you’ll understand what I mean — often it feels as though we are holding our emotions in our muscles; maybe our shoulders or stomach, and when those muscles are loosened, so those emotions are released and we can feel a letting go and we can feel naturally emotional. I know that it happens a great deal in therapeutic hypnosis sessions as people begin to relax and let go — they can often find emotions surfacing.

This emotional release, if it happens, may be powerful and overt, or internal, and subtle. An emotional release is a natural part of any healing process and should be welcomed rather than fought or resisted.

So please do enjoy this marvelous hypnosis session, designed and created for you to heal any wounds your heart may have and truly open your heart to goodness, life and all the beauty it has to offer you, notice how wonderful you feel when you let that happen.