Oral Sex (audio)

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How oral sex can sensationalise your sex life

Know two crucially important precautions for fantastic oral sex

Overcome oral sex phobia

Know the best oral sex techniques to please your partner

On this audio recording, you’ll hear Dr. Janet Halls expert advice for men and women on experiencing sensational sex with the emphasis on Oral Sex. It’s a great recording for all of us to listen to, regardless of our level of sexual experience.

Both Sexual Beginners and the Sexually Advanced will benefit from reviewing the benefits of oral sex and overcoming the restrictive judgements that society has on the fine art of fellatio andcunnilingus.

Jan reviews the major block to successful oral sex – anxiety, which can lead to full-blown oral sex phobia where oral sex is avoided at all costs – even at the cost of the relationship if necessary.

You’ll be relieved to learn of Jan’s expert advice in overcoming this kind of anxiety.

You’ll also listen to a description of recommended approaches to oral sex for a man and for a Woman.

To further enhance your oral sex program, you could also benefit from listening to Jan’s audio recordings on Seductive Fantasies which are included in this Sensational Sex Series.

By the way, women or men who have deep, religiously based resistance to or strongly held negative beliefs and feelings about oral sex are cautioned against listening to this audio cassette program.

It is highly recommended for motivated people who want to learn how oral stimulation can enhance their sex-life and indeed, give them the sensational sex that they deserve.


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