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Outer Space Body Shaping Hypnosis

Use Hypnosis to Encourage Building the Body You Want

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Outer Space Body Shaping Hypnosis

 Use Hypnosis to Encourage Building the Body You Want

One issue I face is that as a marathon runner, my running usually creates a lot of cortisol, the stress hormone, which makes it more difficult to get a particular physique.

You never really see runners looking like they have muscular six-packs. The elite runners tend to have no fat on them and so you can see the stomach muscles, but they are not similar to those on display with the cast of the film ‘The 300…’

A number of years ago I started using a process to advance my physique in line with additional dietary requirements and types of exercising (you’ll need to consider those things yourself to use in conjunction with this audio track to get the best results).

With this audio track I thought I’d (albeit prematurely) share one of the psychological processes I use with clients and with my own training to help encourage physiological changes. It combines some classic ideas with a couple of my other favourite processes from related fields. Though it contains a number of core principles within the mental imagery that are used a great deal in therapy rooms, this process has no evidence base outside of my own subjective experience and my experience of using it with clients. I have been using this kind of process with my weight reduction clients for many years now and they report a great response to it which is why I continue to use it.

Alter Your Perspective of Your Body to Encourage Change

With my own penchant for sci-fi, this process is made easier and more attractive a session for me. If you are unfamiliar with themes and images that occur in sci-fi films and TV shows, then you’ll need to imagine holographic images and control panels which if you have no previous reference of, you can simply invent and create in your own imagination.

Here we are going to use hypnosis, go into space and make some changes while there. The drifting into space is part of an inherently altering perspective, which is important when attempting to change or update your internal perspective of your own body. It’ll help introduce a new sense of identity and make it easier for you to make changes when you are engaging in a particular exercise or dietary regime looking to reduce weight or change your body shape.

You are going to love this session.

Your body will love it too as it begins to transform shape when using this track.