Overcome Unwanted Habits With Mental Screening


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Overcome Unwanted Habits With Mental Screening

This hypnosis audio session is aimed at letting go of unwanted habits. Within this session, we use a version of a particular technique from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming to deal with the unwanted habit.

The process involves us using mental imagery as well as the power of hypnosis. It’ll enable you to use your imagination and actually have some great fun at the same time as making a progressive change in your life and letting go of an old, unwanted habit.

Unwanted habits can include scratching, picking, stopping smoking, nail biting, hair pulling and any other unwanted habits of this type.

Within this session we then use hypnosis in combination with the psychological process to alter your internal imagery and make sure that your mind alerts you to stop with the old unwanted habit before it even starts… It then helps you to form a new progressive, comfortable habit. You just learn to let go and respond as you have always wanted to in that situation.

Prior to the hypnosis session within this audio track, there is an information gathering process to make sure that you have a good understanding of the conditions within which that the habit occurs. It is a lovely process altogether and is going to help you to let go and stop doing that thing that you don’t want to do anymore… Enjoy it!


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