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Pain Release

[Adam Eason]  You and your brain create pain, it is not an external sensation, it is part of our ingenious survival system and ultimately, we have control over it. Then finally, ensure that you are driven to letting go of the pain; be comfortable with the idea of letting go of it. Some people have reasons, conscious or unconscious for keeping pain as we are going to be finding out.

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Pain Release

“Are You Ready To Learn What Really Works To Reduce, Eliminate And Control  Pain?”…

Discover for yourself the power of your mind to provide relief for joint pain, back pain, neck pain… all pain! 

Would You Like To Be Able To Create Your Own Analgesia And Anaesthesia Using The Power Of Your Mind?

Back in 2002, I had an 18-year-old girl named Natasha enrol on one of my self-hypnosis seminars. Following the two days during which time she learnt the techniques well, she called me the following week to tell me that a day after the seminar had finished, she had used self-hypnosis to have her wisdom teeth removed at the dentist.

That’s right folks, she had no anaesthesia, just used the power of her own mind.

Her dentist was so amazed that he then came on the seminar, sent his wife, and has sent lots of his patients over the years since then.

This is what can be done with the power of your mind. Today, you can learn how to do the same. What’s more, I do the hypnosis for you!

You and your brain create pain, it is not an external sensation, it is part of our ingenious survival system and ultimately, we have control over it. Then finally, ensure that you are driven to letting go of the pain; be comfortable with the idea of letting go of it. Some people have reasons, conscious or unconscious for keeping pain as we are going to be finding out.

The Value Of Pain

Pain, of course, does have its purposes and its values — some very important purposes at that; we need the pain to tell us to move our hand away from the hot iron or the recently used hot kettle or to take it out of the freezing cold water.

Our experience of pain can, therefore, save us from all kinds of life-threatening disorders or circumstances. It alerts us.

However, the more common experience of pain is quite different and often has less value and therefore we need to heighten our understanding of it and learn how to be in control of it.

Back in the days before there was anaesthesia, doctors discovered that hypnosis could be used as anaesthesia and they could perform surgery with only hypnosis. The patient feels no pain and recovers faster.

Hypnosis Has Been Used To Relieve Chronic Pain For Years.

Can you remember a time when you had a paper cut and you did not realise that you had it until later on that day when you saw it with your own eyes? It was not until you saw it that it hurt and thought, “Oooh, that smarts a bit.”

I remember I had been helping my father in the garden when I was young. I had been weeding (great jobs that Dads give you!) and my hands were covered in earth and when I washed them off later on in the day when I came into the house, I noticed that I had grazed my hand. When I saw the damage, it began to sting a bit; and yet it had not done so until then.

These examples are of naturally occurring anaesthesia, the capacity of which exists within us all.

With this audio programme, you learn how to use your mind and body’s natural pain relief system.

“Hi Adam, just wanted to let you know that yesterday I used the pain relief hypnosis session (I have been unwell since beginning of Jan and my problem causes a lot of discomfort [note my choice of word]).

It was like a miracle. I have a number of your CDs and still practice self-hypnosis, but nothing has had such a great affect first time of use. In fact before I came out of the hynotic trance, I had tears running down my cheeks (tears of happiness) because I was so thrilled that the hypnosis had worked so well.

I was almost free of pain, and for the rest of the evening it did not return so severely. Thank you so much, you are wonderful! I will make sure I follow all instructions on these 2 CDs to the letter.

During the night I awoke and simply imagined my pain as a colour, shape, iced up and then melting and changing colour, then shrinking. As soon as the pinprick of pain was in my fingernail I went straight back to sleep. Amazingly powerful “stuff”.

Margaret Finn, Bournemouth, UK

“I’ve been in serious — and increasing — pain throughout my whole body for over 10 years. I’ve tried drugs, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and several -therapies and -opathies so weird you’ve probably never heard of them! Nothing has worked well or reliably.

I have Fibromyalgia. Until I found Adam, it was a sentence to a life of pain, fatigue, insomnia and confusion with very little my doctors and the rest of the large numbers of skilled medical professionals whose help I’ve used and continue to benefit from every day. Don’t get me wrong, hypnosis can’t cure my pain problem, but it sure can help!

The first time I listened to the hypnosis session in Pain Release, at night just before bed, I got amazing results. Using only the power of my own mind, guided by Adam’s melodious voice, I brought down pain in my right hip — a serious problem that’s dogged me for years — right down to a 4 on the 10-scale from where it has been for most of the last 3 months, at 8 out of 10. Wow! I was amazed.

The very first time using this incredibly powerful self-hypnosis my pain had gone from an 8 to a 4, and that’s without having done any of the great exercises Adam bundles free in this product. The second night I tried it I got an even better response, and my pain levels were down for a lot of the next day too.

This is an amazing programme which is now a solid part of my bedtime ritual. I’ll probably be using it for years to come dealing with each new pain, each new challenge as it comes. Thanks Adam!

Nathan Briggs, UK (

PS. This hypnosis session is SO powerful I’m actually starting to come off the really strong opiate drugs I’ve been on for months. I cannot recommend Adam Eason Pain Release hypnosis highly enough to anyone with a chronic pain problem.

Amputation Without Drug Induced Anaesthesia

There was a military doctor called James Esdaille who is mentioned in many hypnosis textbooks and he would use hypnosis and autosuggestion with fellow soldiers for all manner of different ailments.

He even carried out amputations with no anaesthesia other than that of the suggestions that he was delivering to his patient.

Even more impressive and spectacular is the case of a dentist named Victor Rausch, who used self-hypnosis to undergo the surgical removal of his gall bladder, which is major surgery, under no anaesthesia or analgesia (anaesthesia is total and analgesic is local).

Rausch’s documentation of his experience in 1980 included the following:

He said that from the moment of the first incision he “felt a flowing sensation throughout my entire body. My eyes were open and the operating team said that I had no visible signs of tensing of the muscles.”

Rausch chatted with the team and enjoyed the process, and even walked away from the operating theatre when it was all over.

He had obviously had a lot of experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but it really does illustrate what can be done with the correct belief system and application.

The methods in this amazing audio programme will resolve the emotional pain, create a healing condition in the mind and body and release the pain.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Reduce, lessen or even completely alleviate pain.
  • Understand and dissect your own pain experience.
  • Create amazing natural anaesthesia or analgesic.
  • Flick a switch in your brain to give you pain relief.
  • Use self-hypnosis to be free of pain at any time and any place.
  • Free your self of any underlying causes of pain.
  • Use your internal dialogue to reduce pain
  • Expect and create comfort in your life.
  • Alleviate the psychological and emotional responses to pain.
  • Identify personality traits that help pain reduction.

What You Get With This Audio Programme:

  • 3 separate unique hypnosis sessions.
  • A full programme of pain alteration.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use a variety of modern psychological techniques in the way that is best for you.
  • Fully explained exercises for pain reduction.
  • Lots of self-hypnosis tools for freeing yourself of pain.
  • A wide range of modern psychological tools for pain reduction.
  • Much more…

Our belief system with regards to pain is where the root to success lies.

We have had a certain belief system installed within us throughout our lifetime.

With the emergence of modern medicine in the last few generations, we have learned to expect pain relief from an external source; through medicine or from someone else that would help us to overcome it such as a parent or a doctor, and add to that the persistent media coverage and advertising from pharmaceutical companies, this further develops the belief that pain comes from outside our bodies, not from the inside.

Today you can learn the ‘magical’ and seemingly miraculous methods of using your internal resources for pain relief. So go ahead and release the pain today with ‘Pain Release’.

A bright, comfortable future exists for those that choose to use their own mind to free themselves of pain. Choose to take control of your brain and your pain today.