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Rapid Inductions For Hypnotherapists – Videos Of Seminar

I am delighted to be presenting this tuition video programme for hypnotherapists and hypnosis professionals.  It is a recording of a rapid hypnosis inductions seminar run by Adam Eason and his friend and colleague James Brown.

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the video downloads for immediate delivery worldwide. WARNING – These are LARGE Files and you will need a reasonable broadband connection


Rapid Inductions For Hypnotherapists – Videos Of Seminar

I am delighted to be presenting this tuition video programme for hypnotherapists and hypnosis professionals.
It is a recording of a rapid hypnosis inductions seminar run by myself and my friend and colleague James Brown.
In this video programme, you will learn:
  • Over 15 different rapid inductions.
  • Underlying principles key to using rapid inductions.
  • How to let go of structured and scripted inductions.
  • A variety of hypnotic inductions approaches.
  • How to induce hypnosis rapidly.
  • To be confident enough to create your own inductions.
  • How to induce hypnosis in a wide variety of different ways.
  • Precise language patterns for enhancing rapid hypnosis inductions.
  • How to include convincers within your inductions.
Many hypnotherapists use the same or similar inductions and processes with their clients, and as a hypnotherapist with over 15 years experience in the field working with clients, speaking at events with fellow hypnotherapists and running a very busy training school for hypnotherapy, I know that sometimes the client needs evidence that the hypnotic experience is just that – hypnosis and not just a relaxing time spent in a chair listening to suggestions.
These inductions give your client evidence and proof that they have truly been hypnotised.
The structured inductions demonstrated in this video will ensure that your clients also have a memorable and varied experience.

Your Tutors Within This Programme:  Adam Eason

Adam Eason runs a prominent hypnotherapy training school in the UK and have a thriving hypnotherapy practice on the South Coast of England, authored a couple of books (including a bestseller) that have been translated into a variety of languages, my audio programmes sell globally and have featured on national television a bunch of times. My podcast and blog are very well followed and demonstrate my love for evidence based hypnosis in clinical settings.

Secondly, James Brown (The Professional Opportunist) blends together a unique mix of magic, suggestion and pickpocketing.

Over the past 15 years, James has performed all over and was in 2006 awarded the title ‘Close Up Magician of the Year’ by the world famous Magic Circle.
Ian Rowland (the man who taught the FBI to read minds) said this of James:
    “Even when he is improvising blindly, he is still better than 99% of us delivering our strongest material.”
James now spends much of his time demonstrating and teaching the range of skills which he has developed over years of APPLYING it daily.
The combination of James and myself is an interesting one. I have a clinical hypnotherapy background, I favour evidence based approaches and am a stickler for the rationale behind the processes involved in hypnosis. James is an entertainer, acclaimed close-up magician and professional pick pocket whose performance skills make him a natural at inducing hypnosis with verve and confidence.
We want you to have a stimulating contrast of styles and methods so that you gain greater insight and learn more. We want to show you how you can see varying means of inducing hypnosis and that having a depth of varying skills can make you a better hypnotherapist.
Each of us demonstrate a number of inductions to add to any hypnotherapist’s repertoire. We both also offer you up the underlying important principles that guide how we induce hypnosis.
In addition, we offer up our own advanced techniques and strategies for inducing hypnosis and we critique what the other does when demonstrating — showing you what is happening and how the approaches vary.
Both James and I enjoy laughter. We laugh a lot when together. We both have unusual senses of humour and as a result, this video programme is fuelled with fun and laughter.
This is a highly stimulating and educational training programme for hypnotherapists.
As well as the hours of video tuition within this programme, you also get a full manual explaining everything demonstrated, many include scripted examples and all the key phrases used on the day.