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Hypnosis For Download | Releasing Unwanted Pressure
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Releasing Unwanted Pressure

This hypnosis audio track is going to help you to safely, easily and healthily let go of any pressure you may be encountering in life.

*INSTANT DELIVERY – NOTE: A pdf is delivered immediately after purchase which contains instructions for getting the audio MP3 downloads for immediate delivery worldwide


Dealing With High Pressure Situations

Early in 2012, I spoke at the ‘Change Phenomena’ conference hosted by the brilliant Head Hacking Team. I attended that entire event, as a spectator as well as speaker.

In recent times, in many forums, it has become fairly fashionable to dispute the efficacy or even the existence of self-hypnosis, despite the historical context of the subject, the evidence and my own years of subjective experience of using self-hypnosis myself and teaching it at seminars and to my clients for 15 years.

I am biased about the subject, of course. As an author of a book on the subject, creator of lots of self-hypnosis audio tracks and programmes and teacher of the subject, I have a bias. Though the objective evidence is something I weigh up with as much neutrality as I can. I am digressing…

So as I made my final preparations in the days leading up to the event, I started to worry that the audience may be tough on me and my subject.

Having arrived early and got myself a prime seat in the lecture theatre of the prestigious Guys Hospital, the initial worries turned into pressure, the sensations increased, and not just because I had consumed more than my usual weekly allowance of caffeinated drinks in that morning already… The other speakers were adept and being approved of greatly by those I chatted to in the intervals.

I was on straight after lunch, the time when most people are ready for a nap…
More pressure…
I had committed myself as doing a potentially risky demonstration, and I started to catastrophise…
More pressure…
More caffeine…

As I sat listening to my own introduction delivered by Anthony Jacquin stood at the lectern, I needed to let off some steam before speaking, otherwise it may impair my presentation.

The reality is that I know my subject well, I train and speak regularly on it, I was being irrational due to a particular set of stimulating circumstances.. And my wife will confirm how peculiar coffee makes me get sometimes.

I sat on the front row facing away from the other delegates, closed my eyes for a while and ran through a fast, rapid process which I am sharing with you here today. I am a regular, practicing self-hypnotist and so that sort of mental speed with this kind of technique is something I can get away with every now and then, but of course, as I say on a regular basis here, repetition and practice would have made for a smoother and more effective use of this process.

Letting Go of the Pressure You Encounter

This particular process does rely on you the user knowing what a pressure cooker is… They are not that common today, but we had one at home when I was a youngster, so I am quite familiar.

Essentially, they cook food by being locked tightly shut so that no air can get in or out and thus creates a lot of pressure. Not too dissimilar to what goes on inside a bottle of fizzy pop if you were to shake it while ensuring the lid was kept tightly shut.

If you just casually took off the lid of the pressure cooker, you may lose your head as the lid flew upwards and into the ceiling. So it has a very strong locking mechanism to keep it closed and then a release valve to lessen the pressure before it is all unlocked and the food is taken out. I am sure you see the metaphoric use of such.

This hypnosis audio track is going to help you to safely, easily and healthily let go of any pressure you may be encountering in life.