Rooms Of The Mind


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Rooms of the Mind

Having moved in to my new house recently, there are plenty of things that are changing in my usual routine… I am getting used to what day the bin men come to pick up our rubbish bins… Because it is an old house, we are prioritising over what rooms to decorate first and what work to do where… As I have spent more time in this house, it has sparked off memories of other houses I have lived in and houses that my friends and family lived in…

One of my friends lived in a house and we were afraid to go in to some of the rooms there — they were not used much, had no heating and so were dark and cold… I know some of my friends never went near their parents bedroom through absolute fear. Isn’t it funny to think that we attach so much of ourselves to our home environment, yet certain parts of it we avoid, or keep clear of, or just do not enjoy as much as others…

You may suspect that there is a metaphor of some kind apparent here?

I have been working with a client recently who uses alcohol as a way of numbing the mind and helping to sleep… Basically blocking the ability to deal with things that may well need to be dealt with. In essence, this client of mine is avoiding going into certain rooms of the mind to avoid having to clear it up or get things straight in there.

Sometimes, the comfort of cruising through the remainder of the house helps us to ignore the slight nagging under the surface that reminds us that that room needs sorting out. Well, until the nagging grows or the emotions spill out to real life and of course we have to tend to the room whether we like it or not.

There is a real sense of freedom to be had from shining light in our dark corners and facing up to putting things straight in there. I even let out an audible sigh as I wrote that. Just imagining how I feel when I let go of what is pent up or loitering beneath the surface gives me a real sense of freedom — it is like breathing in the fabulous sea air here when I run, aahhhh!

So with this hypnosis session, in a rather holistic manner, I thought I would offer up a great way of looking at keeping your entire house in order in a variety of ways. I would hasten to add though, if you think you have some deep issues that need airing and resolving, your first port of call really ought to be with a professional. You can get in touch with me to help track someone local to you down if you need help finding someone good and local to you. Over the years and week after week, I have written about and illustrated howthe mind and body significantly interact and in a sense, are one. There is much documentation out there about it today. This hypnosis session helps you to use all of your resources — from both mind and body. This session is to help you heal yourself. So find yourself a nice, comfortable place where you are going to be undisturbed for a while and we shall get to it…

Very powerful stuff!

That works on so many levels, you’ll find it impossible to keep up with. Enjoy!


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