Running With Your Arms And Hypnosis

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Focussing On Running with your Arms

The main emphasis when it comes to running tends to be on what our legs are doing. I spend a lot of my time teaching clients, students and runners how to put emphasis on what your mind is doing. This audio track helps you run faster and more effectively by focussing on your arms!

Over the years, I have found what is right for me to do with my arms, and I have had a lot of advice and heard from a lot of experts, books, videos of successful runners etc. Generally, the advice I have followed is to move the arms at the shoulders, not at the elbow. To hold the hands softly together at thumb and fingertip. To make sure I pump my arms back and forwards and not across my body or sideways as that causes me to bend and exert unnecessary stresses on my body. And of course, to know that you can use your arms to speed up your running pace. If I pump them faster, my legs join in. When I am looking to pick up my cadence, I tend to use my arms to orchestrate that.

Hypnosis to Effectively Use Your Arms When Running

But what am I doing talking about something that is not my main sphere of professional competence? There are far better people to consult with about running posture and how you physically use your arms when running. I recommend you investigate, experiment and explore to find out what is best for you and your own body’s mechanics to get you using your arms effectively when running. Whether you do that or not, this hypnosis audio track, and the psychological processes within it will make the most of what your arms are doing too.

This is one of those processes that is simple and incredibly effective. If you practice the hypnosis session repeatedly, you can then take the psychological process out on your run with you and use it to derive the maximum benefit from your arm movements when running. Enjoy! 


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