Self-Efficacy and Hypnosis To Propel Running Performance


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Self-Confidence to Propel Running Performance

One of the things I seem to spend a lot of my personal and professional time telling runners, especially those just getting into running goes something along the lines of “you can do this if you believe in yourself and have some confidence.”

Self-confidence is cited a great deal throughout psychological research and literature as effecting athletic performance. What I want to explain here though, is not general self-confidence that improves our general levels of optimism about our athletic prowess, but more about having confidence in specific activities related to our running performance.

For example, I spoke with a runner recently at a training session who said to me “I am great with hills, I can run up them all day long, but I really struggle with the speed sessions, always have done.” What’s more, in years gone by, I have even conceded to my brother when discussing our running (which we have done and still do a LOT over the years) “I can keep it going on the long endurance runs, but I am not so good with the shorter faster runs, am I?”

The classic concept of specific self-confidence was defined by Bandura (1977 & 1986) as self-efficacy. Bandura wanted to explain the relationship between cognitive beliefs and performance. Self-efficacy is our own judgment of our own ability to successfully perform a behaviour. Self-efficacy theory asserts that actual performance will be predicted by the athlete’s belief in personal competence when they have the correct incentives and skills or training.

Perceiving That You Can Run Successfully

Therefore, if a runner has the perception that they can run successfully, that belief and perception increases the likelihood that the runner will run successfully. Judgments about our own self-efficacy have been shown to predict exercise level and support this theory (Bock et al., 1997; Sullum, Clark, & King, 2000).

This small audio programme explains and guides what you can do as a runner to advance your self-efficacy and it also offers a brilliant hypnosis audio track to advance your self-efficacy to levels that are going to advance your running performance impressively.


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