Sex for the Golden Oldies (audio)


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How to make good sex last all of your lifetime

Meet Florence Houghton – 93 year old Superstar and life and loving expert as she shares with Dr Janet Hall her insights into sexual loving which lasts forever – no matter how old you are!

Welcome to this very special audio recording in tile Sensational Sex Series.

It’s entitled, Sex for the Golden Oldies.

This recordingis designed to encourage all men and women to enjoy their sexual selves right till the end of their lives.

To help me get my facts right and to tell it how it really is, I have invited a very special friend of mine to join me on this recording, her name is Florence Houghton and she is 93.

You may have seen Florence on national television because she’s quite a living legend.

At 83, Florence was the oldest person in the Southern Hemisphere to parachute from an aeroplane. Since then she’s continued to take on all sorts of challenges including, driving at 200 kilometers an hour around a racetrack with Peter Brock and learning how to fly a Jet Simulator.

Florence has also appeared on the television program Sex-Life on their Special about Sex and Ageing. This experience included a visit to Melbourne’s wonderful erotic shop for women – Bliss. Florence checked in with me first about this appointment because she was a bit worried about the possibility of having to stand on screen holding a vibrator – after all, Florence said, at 92 I don’t want to ruin my reputation.

Well I’m sure that the only reputation you’ll want to give Florence will be a glowing one.

Her wonderful way with words, her disarming honesty and beautiful lyrical ideas about Age and Sex will help you really get inside the world of, Sex for the Elderly.

I invite you now to come with us on an exploration of issues such as:

  • understanding the advantages of sex for the elderly,
  • identifying the obstacles which are in the way of older folk and
  • enjoying the Sensational Sex lives that they truly deserve.


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