Solving Sex Drive Conflicts (audio)


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Solving Sex Drive Conflicts (audio)

A ‘How To’ guide to negotiate about sex urge differences between partners

Learn the truth about desire and arousal

Have confidence in asking for what you want

Learn communication skills which work for your sex life

On this audio recording you’ll hear Dr Janet Hall’s expert advice on experiencing sensational sex with the emphasis on solving sex-drive conflicts. This CD is specifically designed for couples who are having clashes over their quality or quantity of sex life. Sometimes a partner complains about not getting good sex, and frequently a partner complains about not getting much or any sex at all!

Dr Hall advises that this recording is essential for couples who are not happy with their sex life and additionally recommends that all couples listen to it to learn invaluable techniques for communication which will keep their attitudes to their sex life open and happy.

The recording describes the main reasons couples clash about sex including the Mars/Venus syndrome, attitudes to various practices such as masturbation, oral sex and positions for intercourse and the really big one – power struggles. Jan then describes communication strategies which will prevent sex drive clashes with the emphasis on making agreements and plans and understanding when, where and how its best for couples to talk.

Jan warns against the things NOT to do, like having big fights or affairs, as they are almost certain to sabotage the future of your relationship.

You’ll also learn how to maximise your environmental cues to support you both to enjoy the sex life you want without conflict, and strategies for initiating and refusing sex that wont start world war III, will help you defuse any upsets and teach you to expand your sexual comfort with each other.

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