Soothe A Sore Throat With Hypnosis


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Soothe A Sore Throat With Hypnosis

The reason for me creating this audio programme was because that day I had a sore throat when I got up in the morning.

This was mainly because the day before I ran a marathon in torrential rain and with accompanying cold winds, then at the end of the marathon I had to stand in the same wind and rain for a long time to collect my bag, then even longer to catch a shuttle bus to the car park… I got so cold that my lips turned blue and most major muscles in my body were shaking and shivering uncontrollably… It was awful.

This was actually my third marathon in 15 days and the physical exertions had begun to take their toll; I found it very tough going and felt run down the following morning… With a sore throat.

Cue the violins here please….

So I had been engaging in much self-hypnosis that morning to help my sore throat, especially as I have plenty of talking to do with my line of work. The self-hypnosis process is not all I do, of course not; I have plenty of hot tea on the go and a healthy diet is essential. For me though, my mind is important too.

So this hypnosis audio track is the culmination of my own experiences, successes and development; using hypnosis to help ease a sore throat. It is a god send! Have this session handy for whenever you get a sore throat, then get it on and engage with it to soothe that throat.


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