Spinning Icons


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Spinning Icons

I wrote these words when the first signs of Summer were upon us… I pulled out many of my potted fruit trees from the green house, planted my summer bulbs, and was mowing the lawn every week … I love that sense of growth and I love to see the lush, verdant colours and signs of life filling out my garden.

I wrote this in the month of May and having watched maypole dancing in a local English village, spent time in my garden, I was looking forward to summer… Even more so because of something I did to interrupt my dreary and saddened state from the previous weeks…

Sometimes when we enter certain states of being – by that I mean psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual states – the state can make us far less effective and even effect how we live our life. How your given state is at that time effects how you consequently function as a human being… I am sure you have felt that you were not functioning as well as you could on occasions in your life and your current state is likely to have been effecting it… Yet is something we can all take control of.

This may seem like I’m going off on a tangent here… Have you ever stopped and realised how you react to symbols, logos and signs that enter your every day vision and experience of life?
I am not going to go into depth about symbols… But we all probably know that symbols have massive representations in our lives… I know every time I look at my computer screen, I get excited when I look at certain icons, less excited with others, and I simply have to empty the recycle bin when it is showing as full up… All responses created through my mind… That icon represents my generalised experiences of what happens when I click on it…

Our minds generalise our experiences… So if 75% of our lifetime visits to the shopping centre have been enjoyable, or if we had a couple of incredibly enjoyable spending sprees there, the chances are we may well generalise in our mind to think “I like going to the shopping centre” and thinking about it is very likely to alter and change your state to a progressive one, or one of anticipation, for example.

Likewise, some of us get into a state of mind whereby we create a generalisation of unpleasantness or doom and gloom… When a handful of things happen in quick succession, we can feel as if life is not good… And get into a state that ensures we perceive the world accordingly… Like the sort of thing that happened to me for a couple of weeks recently!
Now imagine if you could use these ideas and turn them on themselves to get yourself feeling great… Because that is what this hypnosis session is all about.

Let me show you!


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