Start Your Day Energised and Motivated – Using This Hypnosis Process


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Starting the Day Energised

Just recently, I was in bed with my two-year old daughter as she had woken early and my wife was out at her boot camp that she goes to. We watched a bit of telly together while snuggled up warmly, and we were both dozy and laying under the covers. Then on the Cbeebies channel, the regular presenters burst into song with “ready, steady, get set go.”

My daughter jumped up, started wiggling and jumping up and down with a HUGE smile on her face, laughing and smiling; “Daddy do it!” she insisted, so I joined in with her and we both vigorously danced and shook ourselves into life. When it ended; “again Daddy, more Daddy” so I rewound the telly and replayed it. We watched it three further times thereafter and then skipped downstairs for breakfast. My daughter insisted we play music on my iPad to which she performed and sang and moved around and she was in a wonderful, happy and energised mood and stayed that way for much of the day – a couple of exceptions were when she and her four-year old brother starting fighting over toys!

I run very early in the morning most days. It is practical for me to do so. I get my training done before my family are awake and before work, fitting my running training in at any other time of day would be near-on impossible. However, there are other benefits to doing so. My metabolism gets stoked when I run, so I feel energised for much of the day. If I run in the evenings, I often find that I struggle to sleep as well as I usually do as a result. Running early in the morning means I start the day energised and invigorated.

The start of the day is a time when our body and mind is receptive, recharged (usually), and ready to set the tone for the day ahead. Many psychological practices recommend using this time early in the morning for your benefit too; meditation, tai chi, mindfulness, self-hypnosis are all encouraged at this time to help you make the most of the day ahead and to get yourself properly prepared.

Using Self-Hypnosis to Get Energised and Motivated

Very often self-hypnosis is associated with relaxation, calmness and stillness, yet it absolutely can be used for inspiring ourselves, motivating ourselves and of course get energised. When we imagine taking action, being too relaxed can inhibit the ability to get energised and up-beat. In a therapeutic process I use with my anxiety clients, we teach clients to inhibit the anxiety by practicing very specific relaxation skills that makes the anxiety very difficult to happen as intensely. The same way it desensitised anxiety, relaxation can desensitise motivation, inspiration and drive if we are not careful: Just like lying in bed with my daughter was relaxing and made us dozy, whereas singing and dancing, moving our bodies made us energised and put us in a great, energised mood.

With this hypnosis audio track, I share with you a process that can get you energised and motivated, ready for the day ahead. You’ll be more productive, motivated and happy for sure! 


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