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You don’t have to rely only on willpower to stop smoking cannabis. One of the most effective ways to work alongside your willpower and help you to stop smoking cannabis and break other negative and unhealthy habits is to use hypnosis. Using my mp3 hypnosis download can be an inexpensive and effective way to help you stop smoking cannabis. This hypnosis download can help you change your psychological and emotional mindset that feeds your cannabis addiction.

Harmless Weed?

Cannabis may seem to be a harmless weed but it can cause many psychological and emotional problems including anxiety and paranoia as well as mental health problems especially over prolonged use. Most cannabis users smoke cannabis with tobacco adding even more possibilities for damaging the body and the brain. I’ve heard many people justify their cannabis smoking habit with comments like “it’s only a weed” and “it grows naturally”, yes it is and it does and so does opium.

Stop Smoking Cannabis Subconsciously.

Smoking cannabis like smoking tobacco are unhealthy and negative habits which are created in your subconscious mind, the powerful part of your mind. When you create habits in your subconscious mind you then habitually do things automatically, i.e. smoke cannabis.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious part of your mind where you created your smoking habit, so, because you created your cannabis smoking habit, you can also reverse it with the help of hypnosis. It then becomes automatic that you don’t smoke cannabis, simple…

Stay Safe Tips:

Here are some tips to help you stay safe when you stop smoking cannabis.

  • Delete your dealer’s phone numbers from your phone.
  • Stay away from practicing cannabis smokers.
  • Find more productive things to do apart from smoking cannabis.
  • Listen to your mp3 hypnosis recording one day a week for the first week then every other day for the second week.
  • Find a healthy way of rewarding yourself, a pat on the back and a few kind words to yourself really does help.
  • Find personal ‘stay safe tips’.
  • If you smoked tobacco with cannabis, think about quitting smoking altogether.

Remember: There is hope; you don’t have to stunt your growth; you can develop your mind to get ahead.

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