Take Control Of Your Appetite

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Take Control Of Your Appetite

This is another audio session that I put together by popular demand when asked by followers of my work to offer up some tools to deal with excessive eating at Christmas time.

At the festive time of year, my diary fills up with Christmas celebrations that seem to start earlier each year.

The TV advertisements are filled with roasted turkeys and nibbles to ensure anyone and everyone is giving in to temptation and needing to pop open the top button of our trousers following the gorging.

I think we all know what happens during the eating festive season, don’t we? The more we eat, the more comfortable we get eating more and the more hungry we seem to get to stuff our faces even more!
A LOT of MORES in that sentence!!

This amazing hypnosis session is a rather simple and classic hypnotherapy process for helping anyone to maintain their ability to control their appetite and turn down any seeming ‘need’ to gorge. The bonus is that if you manage to reign things in you won’t arrive in January looking like you borrowed your trousers from UK X-Factor reject Frankie Cocozza. (For those of you not familiar, google some images of him and his incredibly tight trousers and you’ll understand what I mean)

This process is not exclusive to the festive season of course…

It is for anyone who wants to take control of their appetite. We all know what will happen if we eat too much; more than our physical needs and more than is healthy. Sometimes it can be as simple as learning how to handle our appetite.

This hypnosis session gets you tuned in to your real hunger and gets you acquainted again with your bodies real indication of what your appetite is and where it is at. Once you have used this session a few times, you start to develop a genuine sense ‘hunger tuning’ and of control which you can process outside of hypnosis You will be able to turn down the perceived hunger and put your appetite back on the track it should be.

For many, this is a revelation – learning to simply and healthily get in control of your own hunger and appetite.

Ideally, you want to get to the stage whereby you only eat when your body knows it is right to do so and that you really think about eating rather than just eating for the sake of it; and without bothering to check out mentally how your appetite actually is. Modern life does seem to find us becoming wildly removed from what our true appetite and hunger tells us – with this hypnosis track, you simply learn to control it, understand it and turn your appetite down if need be!

We do tend to lose track of what our appetite actually is and when we re-learn how to gauge it well, it is a brilliant way to control our weight and eating habits.

This hypnosis track shows you how to do just that.


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