Talk To Your Feelings


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Talk To Your Feelings

Hear what your feelings have to say, communicate with the essence of you!

When I wrote this, I was in the Caribbean. I was sipping my pina colada, small talking with my beautiful wife and soaking up the sunshine, eating well and reading lots and lots.

It was also my birthday while I was away. I love birthdays. I love celebrations of any kind. They give me a nice feeling — I love the anticipation feeling, I love the excitement and the attention during the day and the way everyone seems to be. It is as if we filter everything during that day in way which allows us to focus on good feelings.

In my therapeutic work over the years, I have noticed that it is a rare individual who focuses on feelings at all, let alone focuses on good ones. Often we tend to roll around in our feelings without realising what they mean or what they are actually telling us. What I want to suggest here is that people learn how to be aware of their feelings and what those feelings are actually communicating — what can we learn from them?

Recently I attended a large Buddhist meditation event. I am not Buddhist, however, I thoroughly enjoy the meditations and I love many Zen philosophies and ideas and so I enjoyed this particular Zen Buddhist event.

One of the things that we were instructed during a guided meditation was to focus on a feeling and become more aware of it and then communicate with the feeling. I found it to be incredibly enjoyable, very useful and thought I would share a similar technique with you here in this hypnosis session.

This hypnosis session allows you to be acutely aware of the feelings you have in your physical body and to connect the feeling with a meaning; sometimes this can lead to old emotional wounds healing, though most of the time it is a faster way to process out life experience and, of course, to benefit and know yourself better.

Once any feeling is out, or let go of, it is always wise to go back and make sure there is only relief, peace and well-being remaining. So you can use this hypnosis session over and over again to really ensure you let go of what is no longer needed.

I love the idea of communicating with our feelings. I mean if you think about it, the simple process of making them separate things that we can communicate with is disassociating us from them and helping us distinguish them more accurately, isn’t it? When your feelings dialogue with you, you may well find it useful to have it tell its body and its mind what it needs from them. I have found this to be wonderfully powerful and beneficial.

There is much insight to be gained when we observing and becoming aware of how different aspects of ourselves are working or not working together.

For example, my emotions once told my mind to stop being so busy — I had such a frantic thought process in my mind all of the time that it was like giving my feelings data overload! My emotions felt that they had to block off a lot of feeling because they couldn’t really cope with all of those thoughts that kept coming in.

At the same time, my emotions told my body that they liked to colour my body with some beautiful, bright colours, because my body (at the time) was too devoid of feeling sometimes, too aligned with my busy, frantic, mental life. This insight has helped me greatly in aligning my physical, emotional, and mental aspects of myself.

This hypnosis session is here for you to communicate on a very deep level with your feelings, almost as if they were physical ‘things’ and find out about how they affect and influence your life and at the same time, learn what they are trying to tell you, what they need, how they are created and much more besides. Very powerful stuff!

Talk To Your Feelings
Hear what your feelings have to say, communicate with the essence of you!


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