Tame That Inner Critic


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Tame That Inner Critic – Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy…

We talk ourselves out of things,
we convince ourselves that we are not capable or not good enough,
we can be unduly critical of ourselves and berate ourselves at other times…
That ongoing radio channel that sits in our head can sometimes be shouting stuff at us that we don’t want to hear…

Like there is a person with a megaphone shouting unwanted orders and put-downs that prevent us from living life as we’d like to.

Recently, while I was speaking at change phenomena conference, I watched the great man Gary Turner presenting, and he was quoting a technique he enjoyed using for getting the unwanted internal dialogue in our heads to be quiet…It involved wrapping duct tape around the mouth of the voice of the unwanted internal dialogue.
I rather liked it, and what with Gary being a 13 time world champion at various fighting disciplines, I thought it beautifully apt.

There are many ways to quieten your internal dialogue or to get your internal chatter to shush! Some I have written about here before.

Turn Your Critical Thoughts into Something Beneficial

Here today is one simple way for not just disputing thoughts and not just stopping them, but to tame your thoughts if they are being critical and turn them into something effective, useful and beneficial to you.

This process is going to use the enhancing and advancing hypnosis benefits as well as some brilliant cognitive strategy to help you tame any inner critic that resides in your head.

You’ll be able to wave goodbye to that inner critic today once you’ve used this hypnosis track.


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