The Hypnotic Creativity Booster

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What actually is creativity?

It’s a good question. We can all be creative; to some, creativity is about making new connections – and that is literally physiologically true within our neurology. Creativity is the mind’s growing edge. It often involves a lot of discovery. By creating new connections, you build your brain power and develop mental and interpersonal flexibility, which can begin to heighten your ability to do a huge array of things with more and more ease.
Imagine this (albeit metaphorically); every time you link two things together, you create a third entity. That new connection can itself then connect with other ideas, additional possibilities. Imagine the impact this can have in your imagination and throughout a system such as your brain!
Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon in the 1960s (though there are a few foil hat wearing individuals who are incredibly creative and believe it happened in a film studio). That event changed our beliefs and thoughts about the universe. It also altered thoughts and beliefs about human inventiveness and skill; this event helped us to recognise that if we want something enough, we can find ways to do something that we may have believed to be impossible before. I reckon this gave many people some powerful and liberating thoughts and beliefs about human capability. I loved it when the Mars Rover landed on Mars and the way that it meant we started entertaining the idea of getting people to land on the planet too!
Being creative on an individual level has the same potential: when you connect things together, you go beyond both of them; and you have the possibility of forming new beliefs about yourself and your potential. When I am studying and researching, I feel like my brain is literally growing and stretching. That’s not too scary is it?
I love watching my children playing. When they are drawing, painting or moulding huge blobs of glitter putty into seemingly rude shapes, whilst singing happily to themselves, they seem to be in another world. They have such vivid imaginations. I can remember when I used to play football for hours and days on end as a youngster in the school holidays with my friends on the green outside my house, I was not just imagining scoring in the World Cup final, I really was actually there at Wembley Stadium scoring that goal; I am telling you I was there! Children are amazingly creative, each of us has been a child (some still are!). Children show their creativity in the way they discover their environment and make their own meanings of it. Many children create new worlds while playing with toys. They don’t need elaborate or sophisticated toys, equipment or props, the meaning comes from within them.
You need to give yourself permission and time (and energy) to make new connections and links, which is what creativity is all about. It is about the process rather than the outcome or the final product. You can be creative at home or at work, when changing habits, updating behaviours, resolving issues, or just making life happier in any way you can. You can be creative with words, ideas, thoughts, materials, food and the kind of fun you have. You can be creative with your surroundings or with your internal world.
In addition to this, creativity creates something new. That’s right, even if every ingredient is already known to you or is familiar. An insight for example, is creative because the new conclusion is gleaned from information you already had; it is the new perspective that makes the difference.
Above all, being creative returns us to that state where we are scoring goals in World Cup finals. It is about being absorbed and enjoying doing what you are doing, paying attention to detail, having a grand vision, being excited and playful, wondering what would happen if…
Creativity is important not only for artists, inventors or designers. It’s key in our daily life, both in work and personal areas. It helps us to find better solutions for the challenges we are facing. Enable us to think broadly about ourselves and our future. It simply gives us more opportunities and choices which can shape our life.
What is interesting, is that being creative it’s not something one is born with or not. Although children tend to be more creative than adults, creativity is a skill that can be developed quite easily. That’s what this hypnosis audio track is all about, increasing your creativity. You’ll learn a number of great strategies to enhance your creativity and then there is a wonderful hypnosis session to really boost your creativity, you’ll feel creativity happening there and then! Enjoy!


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