The Hypnotic Epicentre Of Your Mind


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The Hypnotic Epicentre Of Your Mind

I joke about a friend of a friend who owns a mountain bike that cost him £3000.00. It is amazing, very fancy, it has so many awesome features, made of the most durable and lightweight materials, it is a work of genius. The bloke who owns it, if I am diplomatic, is rather rotund. I mean he is a chunky fella… He rides the bike out once or twice every couple of months to take his son to the park… Basically, the full capability of his mountain bike is slightly wasted on him.

It is like owning a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage, only driving it to the local shop and back once every couple of months. it is not being stretched.

At the beginning of the year I got myself a new computer system… Lots of flashing lights, it has the most amazing graphics card, and a list of features and capabilities I could bore you with, but shall not do so today… It is the same thing… It just is not going to get stretched or use to its potential by me, although it gets used plenty… it does give me some sense of security to have it running my business though. It sits a very short distance from my desk.

I love my working environment. I love my office. As well as my fabulous computer system, there are my jam packed bookcases, my phone system connecting me to the world, my antique furniture, my leather client chairs, and everything else in there…. It feels nice and I have it just how I want it these days… I am certain that you have rooms that make you feel the same way, don’t you?

Sometimes in life when we move forward towards our dreams and goals, fears of the past prevent us from achieving, it is a real recurring theme here. So many people view their future through the past… Because a certain thing happened in the past, that same thing is going to happen in the future, they think… And that train of thought holds us back and can be damaging to the goals that we wish to strive toward.

With this hypnosis session, I show you how to develop your own dream office, or rather create the true control centre, the epicentre in your mind and use it to let go of past fears or failures and enable you a clearer and easier path to tread as you push forward.

It can enhance your feelings to such an extent, that you remove past fears or those still hanging around… Worrying, fearing and being anxious about circumstances can detrimentally affect your life, so those are shed with this session…

This session takes you to a deep place inside your mind, puts you in control and allows you to shed and shred previous past, unwanted programming that you may have been unconsciously hanging on to and allows your mind to get focused on all the progressive and wonderful aspects of you and your life.


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