The Hypnotic Mentor


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The Hypnotic Mentor

Learn more than you ever imagined possible

Recently, I was speaking to a group of people on the idea of mentoring or being mentored and I mentioned to this group of individuals that I continue to be mentored in life and business by people that are brilliant at doing so, in my opinion.

Someone happened to mention that as they were at the embryonic stages of their new business, they did not really have the necessary funds to pay someone to mentor them along the way and the resources of their local government just were not adequate or relevant for what they required.

So I told them about when I was setting up my business, I was lucky to have the world’s finest mentors to help me in times of need. I had a round table of world class business mentors — Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins, and a few others. Pretty impressive, eh?

When running in marathons and other events, I have been trained by Paula Radcliffe, Paul Tergat, Brendan Foster, Michael Johnson and many others.

The reality of the matter is that I was not actually connecting with these people in their reality. I was not actually speaking to them in the regular way that you would consider speaking to them. I was being trained and mentored by these amazing people in my mind. To have consulted in reality would have been impossible. I read their autobiographies, studied research about them and got to know as much as I could about them. Then, I created my own psychological internal round table of brilliance that I consulted with when I wanted to and all it cost me was the time invested and my unconscious mind offered the wisdom of those people from their perspective and it proved incredibly valuable.

Want to know how to do that too? In an even deeper, more powerful manner? Well guess what? That is what this hypnosis session does for you. It is all about how to create a hypnotic mentor. This hypnosis session runs through the entire process with you so that you can communicate with a mentor, a higher self, a wiser being or someone you want to learn more from. You’ll love it.


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