The Hypnotic Tablet


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The Hypnotic Tablet

The ultimate remedy to just about anything

At the time of putting this hypnosis session together, the weekend was a victorious one indeed… I went for my first run following breaking my foot eight weeks previously — I felt out of my usual shape, though I was so happy to have the wind in my hair, the sea air in my lungs and the sun shining on my face.

For many different reasons, the weekend I had was a truly successful one. I predicted fun. I ordered fun. I anticipated fun. I planned fun. I behaved in a way that ensured I had a lot of fun, and boy oh boy, did we have some laughs this weekend.

Upon arriving at our restaurant destination in the far reaches of Dorset on Saturday night, having warmed up with some fizzy drinks, because I was with my favourite people in the world, I was excited and hyper active and when joking around with one of the waitresses, she asked my friends if I was always like this; “Is he always like this? He must need a chill pill from time to time…”

This comment is an interesting one that so many of us use in varying ways.

It represents that notion that is so prevalent in conventional health care — that well-being is just a tablet away.

One of my favourite bands is a group called The Jam who were big in the 70s and early 80s. They sang about ‘The Bitterest Pill’ they had to take. Isn’t it funny what that expression is referring to: That you are having to swallow something that is for your good, yet it tastes bitter and is not palatable. Yet, we find it so very, very easy to take a tablet, don’t we?

I can’t stand that culture of taking a tablet if we have a headache, taking a tablet if we are depressed (I know people who have been taking tablets to feel happy for years and years!), a tablet if we have indigestion, if we have a cold, if we have pretty much anything — there are scam-artists and con-men out there who make a living telling us that they have a miracle tablet that will make you thin! It is not proven to work by any credible authority, yet we cling on to the notion because it might just work for us!

Yet it would be far more effective to get your mind and body in shape with proven methods — though they require more concerted effort than taking a tablet.

Piece of research upon piece of research about the placebo effect have shown how much faith we truly have in tablets – so many pieces of placebo research show some minor change as a result of taking it.

So this hypnosis session allows you to create your own hypnotic tablet that you can take and allow your body to respond accordingly. You may be amazed at just how your mind and body respond to taking a hypnotic tablet!


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