The Lift of Ideal Life Creation


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The Lift of Ideal Life Creation

This hypnosis audio track is one that I was taught for use with particular issues but that I have used in my hypnotherapy consulting rooms for a wide range of other issues with great effect.

In their book Essentials of clinical hypnosis: An evidence based approach, Lynn & Kirsch (2006) describe a particular mental imagery technique as a way of helping their therapy clients with PTSD.

In the book, they call it the elevator technique, which is a word that I have never used – here in the UK, we call them lifts! So I have “anglophile’d” the title of this process to make it more agreeable with me.

The elevator technique, as laid out in the afore mentioned book, is explained as a way of generating treatment goals and tasks and priming positive thinking about the benefit of overcoming phobic avoidance of trauma-related situations and coping with flashbacks by way of exposure. (2006: 165)

Here, I have developed and tinkered with this process and made it useable with a hypnosis audio track. Also to give it more of a generic methodology so it is applicable with a wide range of issues, or to just use as ‘ideal future’ imagery which is often useful to get inside the mind on a regular basis.

If you have a phobia of going in lifts, this process is not advised until that phobia is no more… Although, there are alternative means of using this type of process, you can get in touch with me for ideas on how to use the principles in a different manner.

However, if you are free of lift phobia’s and feel the need to get your life straight, to get your life in order, to feel like you know where you are going and to start taking some progressive action, then this process is one that you are going to love.

You get to create and install your ideal life and get your mind working on it in a number of brilliant ways.


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