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The Magical Mind Parents

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The Magical Mind Parents

I created this programme in the month of May. In the UK, May is National Teen Self-Esteem month and I do lots of work with teenagers to help them feel better about themselves.

last time around, despite the fact that the work is aimed at teenagers, lots of the research has had me thinking on overtime.

When working with youngsters, you realise how important parents are. I think we all know that, don’t we? They are often our role-models, we learn on many levels from them, they form templates for many of our own behaviours, attitudes and beliefs, without them they also influence us heavily… We all know this list could go on and on…

Some people find themselves entering adult life having suffered from inadequate parenting…. Or they tend to believe they suffered from adequate parenting…. Lots of people just do not seem to understand why or how they got stuck with parents who did not attend perfect parenting evening classes and did not actually learn how to become ultimate parents!

It is not only teens seeking to enhance their self-esteem that need hypnosis sessions like the one I am sharing with you here.

Sometimes, we need to re-parent ourselves in order to become more mature, loving, assertive, or have any other fabulous resource that we feel we could have gleaned from our parents.

Often the inadequate parenting that people have received inhibits the developmental growth so that they might get stuck at various stages of their own self-improvement and progression in life. Even if it was just perceived as bad parenting by the child, it could have a profound, unwanted effect.

So this hypnosis session is one that addresses the (perhaps perceived) deficits we might have experienced as children and gives us the technology to engage in creative and productive self-nurturing. Basically, this process ensures that whatever your actual experience was, whatever your parents were really like, that you get a life filled with the most amazingly excellent parenting. Let me show you how liberating and exciting it can be to fill your mind with a lifetime of receiving beautifully perfect parenting.

It really is a joy to experience.