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The Museum of Self-Esteem Advancement

With this hypnosis session that I am offering you, you get to accept yourself with all your foibles, all your idiosyncrasies and embrace the uniqueness of you with the aim of building and developing your self-esteem.

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The Museum of Self-Esteem Advancement

Have you been to a museum recently?

I know that is not the most dynamic way to introduce a hypnosis session.

Museums do not usually get people fired up, unless it is because they are going to look at dinosaur skeletons at the National History Museum.

But I also like specialist museums; the little ones and the less commercially viable ones.

I love that there are specialist museums exhibiting some of the most unusual and diverse subjects here in the UK. Even cooking shows feature food historians, but there are people more specialist than that, aren’t there? West country beef pasty eaten by miners food historian and expert, for example.

I digress…

I went to a small museum last summer whilst in Cornwall. It was besides an old watermill and because we had been travelling in the area, we decided to stop by it as it was a National Trust museum and had been highlighted by my National Trust map and so on. It was an old mill in a beautiful area with stunning views and just a couple of rooms.

They had a number of mill-related exhibits, old tools and bags of flour and clothing and so on, as you’d expect, and there were old photographs and information boards telling you all about the mill and its history.

I loved it.

However, rather randomly on display there in a side cabinet was a coin. It was a regular old coin from the day the mill was in full working order. That in itself was lovely and pertinent as the coin was no longer in use; but it was even more rare.

Unusually, this coin was printed slightly incorrectly and had some of the usual wording on it misspelled and out of order. I would not have known if it had not been pointed out to me, and you needed a magnifying glass to see it.

You know what. The National Trust and previous owners of the mill have been offered extraordinary sums of money to buy this one coin, not only because it is a rare, out of date English coin from a long time ago, but it is unique, more rare and has a design mistake that made it useless in its day, but massively more collectible and desirable today.

The lady at the museum was so proud to be telling us this, she was incredibly enthusiastic despite the fact that she probably had recounted that information hundreds of times already that week alone.

Museums may seem all fuddy-duddy at times, but really can be unexpectedly exciting places at other times when you discover something different and unique.

This hypnosis session is all about celebrating uniqueness, a topic that I favour and have written about a great deal. Being different often scares people, doesn’t it?

Sadly, in days gone by, it would seem that children tended to get picked on or even ridiculed for being different or having a quirk of some kind. This can at times stay with people who are embarrassed, shamed or shy of aspects of themselves for the rest of their lives.

This can also detrimentally affect self-esteem and have all kinds of other unwanted effects, and though today it is something teachers and parents do their best to overcome, it still goes on.

Why is it that when something is different, it gets ridiculed or is considered to be a problem? Why are these things not celebrated?

Well, they are, but a bit later in life, and usually after children have gone through various stages attempting to define themselves, often valuing being different more than anything else when they reach certain ages. I can remember my days at college being filled with people from so many different kinds of subcultures defining themselves in a wide array of ways.

The ridiculousness of this discussion is that everyone is so different. Everyone has so many things that are different about them and that make them special. We often just need to make it ok with ourselves and learn to get comfortable with it, even celebrate it.

With this hypnosis session that I am offering you you get to accept yourself with all your foibles, all your idiosyncrasies and embrace the uniqueness of you with the aim of building and developing your self-esteem.

Just engage in this process and you’ll be loving being you more than ever before by the end.