The Parts Party


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The Parts Party

Embrace and learn from the many various aspects of you…

One recent Christmas, I was at the Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth, near to where I work and live. It is a fabulous, although rather aged, theatre. As we watched the singers belting out some beautiful and stunning songs for our enjoyment, my mind imagined what this theatre had seen over the years. Four singers who had all been West End premiers in Les Miserables and other shows made the current batch of contestants on ITV’s X-Factor seem very ordinary and uninspiring, I have to say — we had a marvelous time.

Theatres like this one were very grand in their day and seem to have a sense about them that generates all kinds of feelings for me. Theatres and stages often provide a great basis for a metaphor or two in personal development too…

Well, this week (as I’m writing this) marked a very sad day for English football… We lost at home to Croatia. Croatia did not need anything from the game; they had already qualified for the European championships in Austria and Switzerland this summer. We needed a point to go through… We lost 3-2.

I am not going to rant on about how players should perform better for the money they earn… Or that there are so many foreign players in the English league now that the English pool of talent is diminishing… Or about the quality of coaching and all those other millions of subjects being banded around the popular media in England at the moment.

What interested me was in one of the interviews that the (now sacked) England manager, Steve McClaren said after the game, that a part of him knew that certain decisions were wrong.

Hmmm… Interesting thought, eh?

I know that when I work with clients, even though they want to stop smoking, a part of them may derive some perverse security from smoking at certain times. Even though someone may wish to reduce their weight, a part of them may derive some comfort from eating the wrong things at certain times. Even though someone wants to be free of their phobia, a part of them is protected by that fear…

In her book, ‘Your Many Faces’, Virginia Satir presents the core theory of a technique that is used by therapists all over the country and especially NLP practitioners. It is commonly called the Parts Party. I’ve seen this exercise adapted in various ways by different schools of therapy. In this hypnosis session, I offer you a different variation of this very powerful exercise, that is light-hearted while it is extremely profound.

In this hypnosis session, you get to unite many, many different parts of yourself, you get to take resources from many of your best parts and have many sides of you discuss you and your life and actions with other parts of you — all for you greater good. It is quite an adventure of a hypnosis session.. Go for it and revel in it!


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