The Pond of Sleep

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The Pond of Sleep: Letting Go Of Unwanted Thoughts And Drifting Deeply To Sleep

Within this hypnosis audio track, I share with you a recognized and highly effective mental imagery technique that is used in conjunction with several other hypnotic principles to help you let go of unwanted thoughts and be lulled to sleep gently and beautifully. It is a technique that has a variety of applications and could be focused on various outcomes for any individual.

This process could be used for letting go of unwanted thoughts and/or feelings and thus lifting mood, or it could be used to quiet the mind prior to a period of required concentration or importantly as a highly effective tool used to help you get to sleep.

And you’ll certainly get there with this hypnosis audio track.

The surface of water is often used as a metaphor within personal development or self-improvement circles. The surface has some kind of relationship with what is going on down below – whether that is obscuring what is going on or accurately depicting what is happening down there.

This process uses a number of traditional themes; nature, water and natural processes to aid letting go of anything unwanted in you rmind and then enables you to be lulled deeply to sleep. You are going to love the effect this track has on your sleep and then your life in general as you take control of your mind and harness it in a way that gets you sleeping progressively more deeply and beneficially. Enjoy!

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