The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf


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The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf

The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf E-Book is an innovative, practical guide to playing the golf of your dreams. Harness the power of your unconscious mind to play golf beyond your imagination using golf-psychology, self-hypnosis and NLP.

Andrew Fogg, the Golf Hypnotist,

Helps amateur and professional golfers of all ages and abilities to fulfil their golfing potential and enjoy their golf.

You’ll discover and learn how to

  • Use self-hypnosis & NLP techniques to play better golf
  • Play & practice golf in your mind and in your dreams
  • Protect yourself from covert hypnosis on the golf course
  • Play better golf with less time on the driving range
  • Hypnotically “steal” skills from your golfing heroes
  • Have the caddy of your dreams – inside your head
  • Gain the full enjoyment & success you deserve from your golf
  • Get in the zone each and every time you play a shot
  • Release your bad shots and capitalise on your good ones.


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