The Steel Ball


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The Steel Ball

Are you an individual or not?

I reckon you have realised that some people just seem to have their lives on track…

As a school boy, I found myself, as many school children often do, wearing clothes, buying brands, liking music, styling my hair and all manner of other things to fit in with the crowd and to fit in with my group of friends. This is usual, and very excusable at this younger age when you are developing socially, emotionally and physiologically.

School did not stimulate me mentally… Despite being labelled as intelligent and put in top classes, I misbehaved and got involved in all kinds of things that I should not have. At a party I was at with my friends, someone suggested it would be great fun to climb on the school roof and have part of our party there. I agreed to do this thing that I would never have done of my own volition. I danced on the roof of my school, I was underage and drank too much alcohol and generally misbehaved in a way that got me into lots of trouble… Especially as I was a head prefect and Deputy Head Boy at school and was supposed to be a responsible boy! Luckily my best friend was head boy and he was there too. All these things I used to do to please others rather than what was best for me… I am sure we all have times in our lives when we do things that are not in keeping with the track we want out life to go in.

When I think back to then, I think about my own mother’s influence upon me. One of the most influential things she taught me and continued to tell me throughout my life was that I should always be happy of my life for myself and not what others thought of it. I have to admit to finding that very difficult to actually apply until later in life. I always wanted others to think a certain way about me. Even if it as not who I really was.

A number of years ago, I found myself very happily leading my life as I chose fit. In every way imaginable, I kept my life on my track and it makes me happy to do so. I have written on lots of occasions here on my website, in my ezine, in my books and audio programmes about being self-assured enough to be the true you. Be authentic. Be who you really are. So many individuals I encounter each and every day are products of what other people want them to be — they laugh at what the radio tells them to find funny, they behave in certain way to be liked and accepted, they may even alter the entire way they lead their life to fit in with opinions of others — especially family and close friends.

I have encountered many people that receive all kinds of advice from others. Not only advice but full-on instruction on what they should and should not be doing. Often these people do not have the courage to be who they truly are or behave in the way that is right for them. They lack the courage to be themselves and life is so much more enriching, rewarding and enjoyable when you are the genuine you — living life on your terms.

Now this does not mean that you ignore everyone else to our own detriment. You learn, absorb and listen constructively to what life has to offer, to what other people can teach you. Then use that in the way that is right for you rather than simply copying or mimicking those instructions — because you are not them!

This hypnosis session is one I use with some of my clients that I first read in a book by Roger Allen, though I think the basic technique was attributed to someone else. I have adapted this strategy and over the years have found it useful in all manner of ways — I suggest you adapt it to however is right for you. This hypnosis session offers your mind a metaphoric way of sticking to your guns. Being resolute and true to yourself. It is not for those that are happy meandering through life in a haze… It is for those that want to be authentically themselves; something I advocate wholeheartedly and defend to the hilt!


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