The Super Hero Hypnotic Shield Of Invulnerability


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The Super Hero Hypnotic Shield Of Invulnerability

Those of you in the UK may remember an advertisement for a breakfast cereal called ‘Ready Brek’ – in the advertisements, if you had eaten your Ready Brek (instant hot oats) then you had a sort of orange glow around you… In the adverts, everyone would be shivering in the bus queue waiting for the bus, but the chap who ate his Ready Brek was glowing and warm with his orange glow… I used to be hypnotised by this idea as a boy!

Why am I mentioning this here?

When I was younger, I used to have a crush on the spectacularly attractive receptionist at my workplace. At that stage in my life, I had never met anyone that good looking – women like her only existed in magazines and on TV at that stage in my life! I used to try and act cool each time I walked in to work, but I often felt I was making a fool of myself!

One day, I went to a party on the 50th floor of Canary Wharf, missed my last train home and had to sleep on my friends floor, I got to work in the same clothes I wore the day before and had slept in… As I walked in the girl on reception, a part-time model and now good friend of mine, said to me “ooh Adam, you look like sh@t today!”

As I strolled into the office, I felt as if an axe had been planted in my heart… I was mortified. My self-esteem was knocked for six! I started avoiding people for the day and fully malfunctioned as a human being that day! She had meant nothing by it, but it had affected me in such a way that I was non-productive in many ways that day.

Crazy stuff, eh?

Yet, two years ago when 4 women out of an audience of 1500 that I was speaking to in Las Vegas at a conference, got up and walked out because of how they felt about my language… Well, that stuff just bounced off me… I took the positive lessons and learning’s and did not let it affect me detrimentally… After all, their reaction to my language was their issue not mine.

There was a time in my life where something like that would make me want to crawl up into a ball and sob for a week!

Today though… I have ‘Ready Brek Man Mode!’

Yes indeed, things I do not want to take on board an d carry around with me, I do not let pass my shield. A shield that I wear psychologically that protects me in the same way as many super-heroes… I recommend you all have one too. That is what this hypnosis session is all about – you installing your own protective shield.

With this individual hypnosis session, I’m just sharing with you a really lovely session to ensure you learn how to protect yourself. Just install your shield with the simple steps in this session and you’ll feel so good in so many areas of your life. You can protect your state, protect your senses and be free of old circumstances and situations that used to make you feel that old unwanted feeling.

Enjoy this session, it is going to make a massive difference to your daily experience of life.


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