Total Freedom From Excuses


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Blimey, blimey, you’d be amazed at the excuses that I am given from clients in therapy excusing their issues. of course, some are very valid and not to be ignored. Yet in therapy and in life, so many people insist on excusing themselves for all manner of behaviours, thoughts, limitations and mistakes.

Whatever it is you want to do in this lifetime, do you have a set of excuses that you offer up to yourself and others that makes it ok not to do those things? Not to live those dreams?

The word excuse does tend to give the impression of excuses being intentional and purposeful… Yet many excuses go on under our conscious minds radar… many excuses happen unconsciously. We sometimes make it ok to keep on with a limiting behaviour, or doing a negative thing, or not taking some action, or whatever else it might be.

This hypnosis session is all about blasting out and getting rid of old excuses, stopping procrastination and lots of other things besides.

Whatever your excuses are about and whether they are conscious or unconscious, then they need blasting away, you need to be free of them for good.

Let’s crack straight on with it, shall we? There is not time to waste, I do not need to explain this one any further. banish any excuses with this hypnosis session. You are going to love it.


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