Tree Of Rejuvination


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Tree Of Rejuvination

When I put this hypnosis audio track together, it was a new day for me in more than the usual sense… Since I ran my 4th consecutive city marathon early in 2012, I rested, and rested and ate… and ate a lot more… I could feel how all the naughty weeks of eating and far less activity has effected me physically and even made me feel a tad different in other ways too.

So I started back onwards with my plan of action for getting into prime shape for my holiday in the following months and starting training for my next marathon later in the year.

Yet all that food and drink seemed to have turned me into an old man. I feel like my posture has gone crooked, and that I was somehow as withered as when my gardens plants have not been watered adequately and I felt in need of some renewal.

Whilst investigating and exploring my own archives for an approach to get me on track with my training using hypnosis then, I encountered a process that has been used to help deal with osteoporosis, but has also been used for a wide range of applications, and the metaphor inherent within the process meant I got to indulge myself in some fantasy… Lord of the Rings style.

You’ll maybe not be as avid a fan of Lord of the Rings as I am, but I am referring to the Ents. Ancient trees that walk and talk. In Tolkien’s books, the Ents are an ancient species of trees, referred to as the shepherds of the trees and though they look like trees, they are able to talk, reason, feel, understand and possess wisdom of anyone who lives for hundreds of years, and are pretty tough beings too… Gimli, as with most dwarves are not big fans of Forests, or Ents and he is quoted as saying:

Talking trees! What would trees have to talk about except the consistency of squirrel droppings?”

Most wouldn’t, I suppose, but I found that to be very funny.

Trees are central to our process within this hypnosis audio session, and though I used the imagery I associated with Ents from my early teenage years, you do not have to use the same imagery. In fact, I urge you to tailor this type of session, in the way that suits you the best. You’ll be presented with the opportunity to do that with this hypnosis audio track.

Essentially, you are going to liken yourself to, and represent yourself as, a tree within this process and use it to invigorate, refresh, strengthen and enhance. It can be used to revitalize, to rejuvenate and also to get energized and driven as well as to feel healthier and healthier.

I have used this with great effect, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did.


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