True Oneness And Self Gathering

With this hypnosis session, I’d like you to follow the context and imagery I give, you’ll benefit greatly from keeping this hypnosis session…   It is an antidote to so much of modern life…  See below

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True Oneness and Self-Gathering

Whether you read my blog regularly or not, you’ll no doubt be aware that my blog and the blog of Keith my business partner often crossover…

The week that I put this hypnosis session together, in amongst my usual ranting and commentary on my own blog, I made a big mistake when my new website went live…

Keith berated me in his blog for committing this cardinal sin and I have regressed to being a naughty schoolboy

When our new website went live, I deleted my old blog…

Yes indeed I deleted three years of entries, links, articles, commentaries and much more besides…

Apparently since then, we have lost on average 200 people a day visiting the website…

Naughty Adam!

I have a busy lifestyle…

Busy work life…

And I have not got the space here to tell you how busy I was when I put this much needed hypnosis session together…

SO much was happening in my life with my work, wedding, moving home, TV recording, new projects — I would not have life any other way of course.

With this hypnosis session, I want to take a slightly different strand of this and share my own method with you – let me explain

As you can read from my blog, what with all this activity in my life and some emotional roller coaster events going on from time to time, I can often feel scattered…

As Bilbo Baggins says when he heads off to the Elves mountains handing over all his possessions to Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings — “I feel like a tiny amount of butter spread too thinly over a very large piece of bread…”

You know the feeling I am talking about, don’t you?

This hypnosis session has a spectacular technique that is designed for self-simplifying and uniting us with ourselves once again — now doesn’t that sound marvelous… “Yes Adam, it does…”It is rather more ‘way-out’than my usual hypnosis sessions.

It is all too often, that we gather around ourselves making situations, things, people, and desires far too complex in our lives.

In the midst of all that seems to pull on us, this way and that, we can get lost as to who the real us is.

When we gather ourselves in the present, things get simplified. That is what this hypnosis session is all about.

I use this technique in self-hypnosis to help myself and I also use it with my therapeutic clients.

Here is your chance to have that all for yourself. What we do within this session is to unite opposites and reclaim our real sense of who we are.

Usually, I like to keep the imagery and context of a technique free for you to interpret in your own way.

With this hypnosis session, I’d like you to follow the context and imagery I give, you’ll benefit greatly from keeping this hypnosis session…

It is an antidote to so much of modern life…..


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