Use Hypnosis to Oxygenate the Blood Better When Running


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The Effects of Hypnosis on the Endurance of Runners – Oxygenate the Blood Better

Within my own research, I have examined greatly the effects of self-hypnosis and hypnosis upon cardiorespiratory endurance of runners. I hypothesize, based upon existing evidence, that it can be better than placebo and an active psychological control intervention at doing this. 

The inspiration for this hypnosis audio track came from numerous studies, but primarily from a study conducted by Exeter University showing beetroot juice to be effective in advancing endurance. Though beetroot juice manufacturers and retailers quote numerous pieces of evidence to support it’s use, the evidence is not always as impartial or as sound as I’d like, but is still impressive in terms of what it can do for endurance and also blood pressure. Beetroot juice contains natural dietary nitrates, which are converted to Nitric Oxide in the cardio-vascular system and makes for better oxygen efficiency. This interested me because I had read so many research papers whereby hypnosis and self-hypnosis had been used to enhance immune efficiency, effect cerebral blood flow and more besides. I began to marry the two occurrences up.

If you examine what Lance Armstrong was accused of and then admitted to, it was blood doping. This is a method of injecting drugs or oxygenated blood to enhance the oxygen-carrying ability of red blood cells.

What blood doping does and what beetroot juice does, are not too dissimilar. Let me explain some basic anatomy and physiology, just in case you are not already aware….

When we breathe in air, alveoli in our lungs absorbs the oxygen in the air and via the thin walls of blood vessels – capillaries – that oxygen is absorbed into the blood, picked up by chemicals in red blood cells and then transported through body, deposited where it is needed. 

Using Self-Hypnosis to Advance the Oxygenation of the Blood

There are numerous ways this process could potentially be made to work even better, and I have been using self-hypnosis to advance the oxygenation of blood. Does it actually occur or is it just our perception/belief of it working that affects performance? Either way, I highly recommend you using it to enhance running, cycling, swimming or any other endurance activity or sport.

Use this hypnosis track, it’ll work wonders with your sporting performance. 


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