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Using Cognitions To Advance Mood

This hypnosis session is a process that uses your own cognitions to lift your mood.

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Using Cognitions To Advance Mood

Maybe we expect more today…

It seems that increasingly more people are currently lacking satisfaction as far as their moods are concerned.

Therapists of varying kinds that I encounter are reporting that more people are coming to see them and reporting being depressed or having a withering level of positivity…

So this hypnosis session is a process that uses your own cognitions to lift your mood.

Now for some, a dip in mood could well be some sort of biological issue in the brain, the chemical make-up of the individual or hormones of the body, so I always make sure people are consulting with their GP as well. That said, there are many things we can address before we start popping green pills and start to succumb to formal diagnosis.

There are basic things that we can all examine in relation to enhancing our moods; levels of quality sleep, regularity of exercise, the kind of diet, the amount of natural light you encounter, whether you have meaningful relationships in your life and a sense that choices youmake in this life reflect what is important to you are other factors that determine your general wellbeing, the stability of your moods and your levels of positivity.

Even if you have a medical condition that affects your moods, as diagnosed by a medical professional, looking at the above mentioned factors will help you. I have encountered therapists that firmly believe managing these areas of your life and incorporating relaxation or meditative practices into your life along with some good quality therapy, is the full recipe for lifting your mood in general terms.

Additionally, mastering your cognitions can vastly alter your mood.

When I refer to cognitions, I am talking about anything inside of your head; such as ideas, thoughts, beliefs etc that can be verbalised. Those are your cognitions. More than just the internal dialogue.

So I thought with this hypnosis session, I’d simply share with you the process I use with many of my hypnotherapy clients. It can be used in so many aspects of life and is very simple, but incredibly effective.

The vast majority of the individuals I encounter in therapy state that they feel hugely better as a result of running through this process.

If you engage in this process properly, it is virtually impossible not to feel incredibly good in certain situations in your life. Enjoy it!