Using Colours In Hypnosis


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Therapuetic Use of Colours

Over at the Hypnosis Hub we run here, there was some discussion about seeing colours when hypnotised, and discussion about the impact or nature of colours and it was fascinating.

I have encountered therapists who work with colours and I read the entire book on the Luscher Colour test when I was younger, but had never really studied colours therapeutically in any great depth until I researched while putting this track together.

The main way I have ever used colours has been in line with aiding and enhancing progressive relaxation techniques whereby you imagine the relaxation as a colour or with the application of pain relief. Whilst hypnotised the client imagines the pain as a colour which is then changed to another colour as a means of altering it – similar sorts of applications.

Using Colours Metaphorically to Enhance Well-Being

Whilst reading the discussions, I came across a lovely process and technique championed by Dr Alman and Dr Lambrou in their book on self-hypnosis which I had been using and exploring for a few years. I have tweaked it to match my own preferences and it has developed and adapted to what I offer you here today with this audio track.

The aim of the process is to use colours metaphorically and in a way that helps represent facets of yourself, and then to use the colours and what they represent to create solutions and map a way forward in life. It can be applied in a very general sense of well-being enhancement but can also be used in relation to something specific that you are working on in your life currently.

I always get a great response from clients when using this track and despite having no specific evidence base, this is a track I get some of the most amazing feedback about. Enjoy it.


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