Using Hypnosis To Become a Hill Running Machine!

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Training for Hill Running

If and whenever one of my marathons or ultra marathons that I am training for is going to be hilly, I always make sure that I incorporate equal hilly sections within my own training schedule to prepare as diligently as possible. 

Lots of you runners might even incorporate a hills intervals session into your schedule whereby you warm-up, run up a hill for a certain period of time, then jog back down as the recovery interval, then repeat running up that hill before then cooling down. 

I enjoy running up and down hills and they are hard to avoid when you live so close to the sea front as I do. The hills descending and ascending the cliff tops are pretty steep and form part of most of my runs

Improving Your Hill Running With Self-Hypnosis

Years ago, and in line with evidence based principles that I adhere to with my psychological approach to running, I constructed a mental hill running machine. That is, I combined a number of sports psychology principles and elements of the mental imagery skills that I taught my clients and students, and applied them with hypnosis to turn myself into a hill running machine. 

The results were incredible. I have fine-tuned the process over the year and am delighted to now offer it as a hypnosis track for anyone to use. This hypnosis audio track will make hills easier, more natural to run and ensure you derive the maximum training benefits from running up them. 

You may even start truly loving running up hills like I do with the help of this track.


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